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I am Lesia Ostrovskaya, the mother of two beautiful girls – Emilia (5 years old) and Dasha (3 years old). They are very fond of dolls and, in principle, all kinds of toys. And their dad, Danil Ostrovskiy, spoils them, buying more and more hot toys.

I share the love of Emilia and Dasha for dolls, because in my childhood the only and most desired was a Barbie doll. It was the 90s, I had Barbie, her friend Ken and, one day, my parents gave me a huge two-story house for dolls. My happiness knew no bounds, I really loved playing with them!

I remember these feelings and now it is very interesting for me to play with my daughters and collect their favorite dolls.

It’s great that now there is a huge and varied selection of toys for every taste, age, size and color!

Where did our Doll Blog start.

We registered our site in the second half of 2018.

When Emilia was 4 years old, her interest in toy animals and cartoon characters shifted to dolls. The first we bought, of course – Barbie, with a variety of outfits. Then we started collecting all the Disney princesses. And in 2018, the excitement of LOL Surprise dolls reached us!

We bought the first LOL doll because “the another girl has one”, then we started experimenting with fakes (copies) of LOL dolls, but when the third LOL series Surprise Confetti POP came out, we realized that now the original LOL dolls are our love and passion. I bought more and more new LOL dolls, pets, little sisters and I realized that I want to read full information about these popular dolls.

After looking for information about LOL Surprise dolls on the Internet, I realized that a lot of dolls have already been released, and there is not enough information on the net.

Therefore, my husband and I created this site for the reviews of dolls LOL, Barbie and other popular and beloved dolls. At that time, new surprise dolls began to appear with great speed, such as HairDorables, Baby Born Surprise, and the L.O.L Surprise series! becoming more and more interesting.

On this site we try to write the most complete, new and relevant information about all these dolls that we like.

We began to buy new dolls even more often to make photo and video reviews for you.

We also watch video reviews of our favorite bloggers who inspire us to create our reviews and impressions.

We want to create the most relevant and detailed information about the world of dolls for you!

Blogging takes up most of the time, and I realized that my hobby and passion for dolls is becoming my job now. I want you to return to our website and be aware of all the news, know the pros and cons of each doll before you buy it.

Our daughters Emilia and Dasha are delighted with our activities – this is our common hobby. I am also very interested in receiving, unpacking new dolls, playing with them.

Our site is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate program, which gives us the opportunity to earn new dolls and toys for reviews.

Over the year, the number of visitors to our website has grown from 7 people to 9,229 visitors per day.

Our trafic

This is a great joy for our family, but also a great responsibility for the information provided.

Our plans are to describe an even larger volume of toys, to make even more interesting photos and videos.
We want to become better, more convenient and more useful for you.

If you have suggestions, comments or recommendations, write to us in the comments on posts or email: We read all comments and respond. It is very nice to receive feedback from you!