Adora baby doll


adora baby doll 2

adora baby doll

Girls love to play mothers and daughters, in this case they cannot do without buying a baby doll for the child. There are interactive baby dolls such as Luvabella, and Adora is a baby doll with less functionality, but very high quality and beautiful.

Her head and arms / legs are vinyl, and her body is soft for pleasant hugs.

This is a baby with its history and adoption card.

Adora is 40 cm tall. It is delivered in its own cardboard bed, which can be used again and again. Adora baby doll accessories:

adoption certificate
a blanket
newborn bracelet
the doll itself in clothes and a hat.

adora baby doll 4 adora baby doll 3

The eyes of the doll close and open.

Adora pups are produced with different skin tones and eye color, there is a boy.

adora adoption joy adora adoption precious adora adoption hope adora adoption handsome

Baby dolls have a pleasant aroma of a newborn baby, clothes can be changed into baby clothes for newborns.

Made dolls of high quality materials, safe for children.

These are classic dolls for babies playing with mothers. They will please you with quality and beauty.

Enough accessories for a fun game, lacking only a bottle.

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