Advent calendar LOL Surprise #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY

lol surprise advent calendar 23 L.O.L. Surprise!

Meet LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2021 – re-released calendar 2018.

lol surprise advent calendar ootd 2021

LOL Surprise 2021 Advent Calendar with a limited edition doll and 25+ surprises including outfits, shoes, accessories and LOL OOTD Advent Calendar | for girls 4-15 years old

lol surprise advent calendar 2021
Advent calendar LOL Surprise #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY

Advent calendar Lol Surprise can be bought at any time of the year, 25 days before any holiday, not only for Christmas.

Video unpacking LOL Surprise Advent Calendar. What’s inside?

lol surprise advent calendar 21

LOL Surprise #OOTD Advent calendar includes:

  • exclusive doll Jet Set Q.T.
  • sticker doll’s passport
  • 24 outfits and accessories
  • the ability to create fashionable images for the doll LOL for every day

lol surprise advent calendar 19

In L.O.L. Surprise! #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY 25 surprises, as well as the exclusive LOL Surprise doll Jet Set Q.T.

Advent calendar LOL Surprise #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY

lol surprise advent calendar 22

Exclusive doll LOL Surprise Jet Set Q.T.

The theme of the LOL Surprise Advent calendar is travel, so the doll LOL is a traveler, and Jet translates as an airplane.

The LOL doll has a personal passport with stickers. She is in pink panties and a T-shirt, her hairstyle is very beautiful – two pink buns, with black strands. Brown eyes, lipstick on the lips.

lol surprise jet set qt

Her water surprise is she’s crying.

Jet Set Q.T. was hiding in the first window – a suitcase.

In the second suitcase of the Advent calendar LOlL Surprise bottle (pink and black).

In the rest of the suitcases are hidden all sorts of outfits, shoes, glasses and, even, a gold necklace!

In the Advent calendar you will find such outfits and accessories:
– black suit
– shoes
– swimsuit
– glasses
– bag
– bottle
– cap
– three dresses
– Four costumes
– Two pairs of boots

lol surprise advent doll jet set

In the last, 25th window hides a cap with the image of pizza.

lol surprise advent calendar 9

Advent calendar L.O.L. Surprise! #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY is insanely interesting! Girls will be delighted with the variety of outfits and possible options for the game!

lol surprise advent calendar 23

lol-surprise advent calendar 5 lol surprise advent calendar 13

In 2019 and 2020, MGA released the new LOL Surprise Advent Calendars. You can read about it on our website, here.

Write us which LOL Advent calendar you like best? 2020 or 2019?

lol surprise advent calendar 1 lol surprise advent calendar 3 lol surprise advent calendar 15


After unpacking the Advent calendar LOL Surprise, you will definitely need additional space to store dolls and accessories. And store the doll and all her outfits can bein L.O.L Surprise DoLL HOUSE or in the stand box POP-UP-Store.

Advent calendar LOL Surprise #OOTD OUTFIT OF THE DAY


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  1. Aleela (Alee)

    there are 3 outfit of the day advent calendar dolls: 1st one is Jet.Set. Q.T 2nd Snow Jamz 3rd and newest Tricksta B.B I have all of them except for the 3rd one

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    how much does this cost?