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melissa doug advent calendar 2020

Why do I need an Advent calendar?

Children of pre-school and primary school age do not know the time and dates well. But all children are looking forward to Christmas, any other holiday. How can a child know how long to wait for Christmas and the cherished gifts?

Advent calendars are designed to help parents prepare their child for the holiday, to teach them how to understand time and to create the mood for festive magic.

Types Advent calendars

First of all, I would like to say that adults also like Advent calendars and there are a lot of them on the goods market. The most popular are cosmetic Advent calendars, with drinks and even food.

But on our website you will find reviews of Advent calendars for children.

Some parents like to create Advent calendars themselves, come up with gifts, tasks and embody family traditions. I also like to create a DIY Advent calendar. It is a tradition of our Christmas and I will write a separate article on how to make the Advent calendar myself.

You can find articles here – reviews of Advent Calendars for Christmasor Advent Calendar for Halloween.

Also, if you are interested in LOL Surprise dolls, there are separate articles LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020 and Funko Advent Calendar 2020.

These articles list Advent calendars with toys and surprises.

But there are many parents who do not like to encourage their children with sweets or gifts, because sweets are harmful and toys can spoil and distract from the magic of waiting for the holiday.

Advent calendar Melissa&Doug will not offer you sweets or toys, but it will bring your child a lot of fun!

Features Advent Melissa&Doug Calendar

Read the characteristics of Advent calendar Melissa&Doug.

  1. It is made of natural wood
  2. In the form of a Christmas tree
  3. Magnetic
  4. Countdown to Christmas 25 days in advance
  5. 24 magnet – decorations for a Christmas tree and a star for the 25th day
  6. Wooden stand and jewellery storage box
  7. A poem on the back of the calendar for Christmas mood.
melissa doug advent calendar

Plus Advent Calendar Melissa&Doug

It is made of wood

Not plastic, but wood, painted with non-toxic colours that are safe for children. The structure cannot be broken, very strong parts for your baby.

Easy to use

The main idea of the calendar is to count down the days until Christmas. The Christmas tree is magnetic and decorations on magnets. Just hang your jewellery on the tree every day with a magnet.

It is also convenient to store jewellery on a tray. Take off your jewellery and cling to it again.

The size of the Christmas tree and its jewellery Advent calendar Melissa&Doug is perfect for both youngest children and seven years old.

Training and play

The Melissa&Doug Advent calendar will teach your child to count from 1 to 25 and back in a playful way. Learn numbers and score fun!

With ornaments you can also come up with several games that develop attention and memory, and explore colours. For example, let your child remember up to five jewellery items, then ask them to close their eyes and you remove one of the balls and ask your child to find the missing one.

For younger children, ask them to find jewellery that is green or red, or vice versa, that is not green.

Does no harm

No sweets, which means that your child will not consume sugar and preservatives every day.

Develops imagination

It is up to you to decide in which sequence to hang your jewellery. Choose to your liking and decorate your wooden Christmas tree Melissa&Doug in a new way every day.

Minuses Melissa&Doug Advent Calendar

users highlight such shortcomings with the Advent calendar:

You cannot buy Christmas tree decorations separately

If you have received an incomplete Advent calendar, you can contact the shop for a replacement or refund. You will receive back a poor quality toy if you have not used it and have kept the receipt and the trade dress.

But if you have lost your jewellery, it is not possible to buy it separately. You can think of a way to make your own magnet decoration.

Requires control by an adult

When playing with the Melissa & Doug Advent calendar, do not leave the youngest children unattended. After all, the calendar contains magnets and they must not be put in your mouth. The size of the jewellery is 1 inch (2.5 cm).

The ornament may peel off

Unfortunately, we also met such reviews about Melissa & Doug’s Advent calendar, and when used by some people paper with the image of ornaments on the decoration and on the Christmas tree began to come off. It is not known if there may have been moisture in this case. But it is better not to wet wood products.

What do you get by buying the Advent calendar Melissa & Doug ?

  • Wooden Christmas tree on a stand with jewellery storage
  • 25 ornaments
  • a poem about a Christmas tree
  • training and play
melissa doug countdown advent calendar 1

For 35 years, melissa&doug has been creating beautifully designed toys that replace gadgets, stimulate imagination and creativity. NBC News named the toys of this manufacturer

“the gold standard in games for young children”.

melissa doug countdown advent calendar 2

Advent calendar melissa&doug will be a great gift for the whole family. Feel the magic and the feast of Christmas.

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