American Girl Dolls – Review

american girl rewie

We love collectible dolls and would like to tell you more about some of the most popular ones.

American Girls dolls are  truly unique and deserve our attention.

These amazing dolls have been produced since 1986 by Plesant, which is now a subsidiary company of Mattel.

American Girls are dolls for 8-12 year olds. Each of the dolls represents a different period of origin, ethnic group, social class and religion.

Each doll is complemented with a beautiful book telling a story about the girl.

The purpose of American Girl dolls is to show the child the amazing  diversity of the world, to develop cultural values, and to inspire to be a leader and take action in solving problems.

There are currently six types of American Girl dolls available to purchase:

  • Historical characters
  • Create your own doll
  • Truly Me
  • Girl of the Year
  • Bitty baby
  • WellieWishers

Pleasant Rowland came up with the idea of American Girls in 1980s when she decided to write a series of books about historical events in America through the eyes of a girl living in this period of time.

Books cover important topics such as child and animal abuse, child labor, racism, slavery, and poverty.

The pleasant books are written in easy-to-digest language, and are easy to read for young readers.

A series of American Girl Truly Me dolls has existed since 1995.

There are over 70 dolls in this selection – all with various face shapes, hair and eye color, skin tone and style.

American Girl assures that every girl in America will be able to personalise her own doll.

american girl truly me dolls

Once you buy an American Girl doll, you will eventually need even more clothes and accessories for it. And it is all available for purchase in a large assortment.

Every year, a new American Girl “Girl of the Year” is released.

American girl of the year

For example, Girl of the Year 2020 is Joss. Her motto is «Fly high, defy limits, and discover the new you».

We will write a separate detailed article about this American Girl doll.

The 2008 Girl, Mia St. Clair, was into ice skating, and Girl of the Year 2005, Marisol Luna, was a dancer.

American Girl Bitty Baby line has a selection of 15-inch dolls that will help to nurture kindness, care in your child, with a “mother-daughter” role play.

Playing with these dolls is exciting. It is also great that you can additionally purchase clothes, toys, and nursery items for the baby. We will also write a separate post with more details about each Bitty Baby doll and its accessories.

american girl bitty baby dolls

American Girl Historical Characters 2014 series of dolls were called Be Forever.

This line of dolls features various historical events. The outfit and overall appearance of the doll, as well as the book, perfectly describe the history of the United States of a particular period.

american girl beforever

In 2016, a small series of American Girl Dolls, Wellie Wishers, was released. These dolls differ from the classic American Girl in body design, they also wear Wellington boots.

american girls WellieWishers

All American Girl dolls are available for purchase online or in the official off-line store of American Girl. You will find all the dolls, clothes and accessories for them there.
The distinctive features of American Girl dolls are:

  1. American Girl doll’s height is 46 cm (18 inches).
  2. The body of the doll is soft.
  3. These are collectible dolls.
  4. Each girl will find a doll similar to herself in appearance, in temperament and era.
  5. You can buy plenty of outfits, accessories and even toys for the American Girl doll.
  6. Dolls keep up with the times and fashion. For example, in the spring of 2020, you can buy a new collection of fashionable clothes and accessories for your American Girl doll.
  7. These dolls have an important  social function to teach history, cultural values and to draw attention to global social issues. They also create empathy, instill action and empower girls to make a difference.

American Girl is a large-scale project with not only entertaining purpose, but also with a social one. These dolls are not affordable for everyone, but they definitely deserve to be present in your collection of dolls.

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