Baby born

Baby Born

The Baby Born Interactive doll needs your love and attention! This charming little girl or boy has eight life functions, including crying, blinking and even wetting the diaper. Your Baby Born Interactive Doll does not require batteries, and also comes with 10 accessories complete with a cute outfit made of high quality materials. Feed her, hug or plant on a pot. Everyone will fall in love with this realistic doll! Suitable for age 3 years + Safety Information: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

The doll is sold in a box and the first collector’s instruction and insert falls out listing all the toys from Zapf Creation. These are little babies, older brothers and sisters, Baby Anabel, accessories, clothes and furniture for dolls. At the end of the book are games and coloring for your kid. baby born doll 5 A new series – a gentle hug – made for an even more fun game. The doll’s body is even softer, the cilia are longer. The handles are softer and, now, you don’t need to press on the handle to make the little cry. Click on the soft chest and the doll will cry. The navel is not as prominent as before. By clicking on it, the baby goes to the toilet. And when the doll falls asleep, she closes her eyes. You can bathe a baby doll and not be afraid that the water will remain in the chrysalis, because now there are holes on its heels so that the water flows out completely. baby born Complete with baby Baby Born is: 1. baby’s passport 2. bottle 3. a plate with a spoon 4. one serving of porridge 5. diaper 6. two bracelets (for baby and mother) 7. potty 8. dummy 9. chain for a dummy. Baby doll Born is dressed in a cute jumpsuit that fastens between the legs and a hat. baby born 1 baby born doll 1 baby born doll 2 baby born 2 baby born doll 3 baby born doll 4 baby born doll 6

There is also a Baby Born boy: baby born boy

For girls – lovers of princesses, Zapf Creation released the baby Princess Fairy. baby born Wonderland 3 The same doll is dressed in an incredible dress with wings and a diadem. baby born Wonderland baby born Wonderland 2 baby born Wonderland 1 The functions are the same: cries, pisses, sleeps, bathes. From accessories, except for a fairy dress: 1. baby’s passport 2. bottle 3. a plate with a spoon 4. one serving of porridge 5. diaper 6. two bracelets (for baby and mother) 7. potty 8. dummy 9. dummy chain 10. suspension. baby born princess Zapf Creation also has Baby Born siblings. It’s even more fun to play with them. Cry, pee, fall asleep, legs bend. They can stand. baby born sister With doll included: – bottle – hairbrush – bracelet – hair accessories. baby born older sister baby born sister 1 baby born older sister 3 baby born older sister 1 baby born older sister 4 baby born older sister 5


baby born older sister 6 baby born older brother 4 baby born older brother 1 baby born older brother 3 baby born older brother 2 baby born older brother Many accessories have been released for Baby Born dolls, such as shower and bath.

baby born foaming bath
baby born bath
baby born bath 1
baby born bath 2
baby born bath 2
baby born bath 4
baby born bath 5

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