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Baby Born Surprise – Bathtub Surprise

baby born surprise bathtub 3

All children and parents really like surprise toys, in particular Baby Born Surprise.

This year, Baby Born toys, such as:

And now MGA Entertainment has created a toy that combines the big baby dolls of Baby Born and surprises – Baby Born Bathtub Surprise.

baby born surprise

  • Baby Born Surprise Surprise Bathtub includes over 20 surprises.
  • Use water to open the baby’s sleepy eyes, then unfold the diaper to show his hairstyle.
  • Bathe the baby doll in the bath – in cold water you will see a change in hair color.
  • Feed the baby and wait for a surprise in the diaper.
  • Dissolve the duckling in the bathroom and you will see a surprise – a T-shirt will appear for your Baby Born.

baby born surprise bathtub baby born surprise bathtub 1

Baby Born Bathtub Surprise includes:

  • Bobblehead
  • Bath
  • Towel
  • bottle
  • 2 diapers
  • charm
  • Bracelet
  • Duck T-shirt

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