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cry babiesThe Spanish company IMC Toy produces toys of the highest quality, which are successfully bought in more than fifty countries of the world, and also presented at the relevant international exhibitions in Europe.

One of the company’s new toy series is Cry Babies (a crybaby doll).

The main feature of these pupae is, of course, the ability to really cry, real tears. Crying lasts ten seconds, and you can calm the baby crybaby in three ways:

  • shake on the handles
  • give a dummy
  • put to sleep.

The eyes of the Cry Babies pupae are large, the proportions of a doll are like that of a newborn, so your child will associate the doll with itself, hug it and soothe / care.

Playing with Cry Babies, your baby develops imagination, emotional perception, caring for others. These pupae are designed for children from three years.

In total, the Cry Babies collection includes 24 pupae.

cry babies cry babies cry babies cry babies

Cry Babies dolls are accompanied by sound effects. And plush suits with dolls can be removed. Also, with each Cry Babies doll, a nipple is included. All this allows you to take your child for a long time and provides many options for the game.