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Barbie POP-UP Camper

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When a Barbie doll goes on a journey in this camper, anything is possible – because this Camper offers more than it seems at first glance! This is a glamorous car with a corporate identity and two seats in front (with seat belts, of course!) – but lift the handle to turn the van into a three-story gaming complex with all sorts of locations for an amazing adventure in nature!
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Turn the front cockpit into the bathroom — remove the chairs to open the toilet under them, and turn the steering wheel to turn it into a sink. Transform the back of the cab by turning the spare wheel cover to open a fire pit and opening the back door to open the kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, stove and oven that allow the imagination of children to really cook! In the central room there is a double bed with a hanging hammock, which is ideal for a quick sleep after a fun hiking trip. Extend the pool from the bottom of the caravan and connect it to the slide that starts on the second floor. Barbie dolls can come down from the living room on the second floor (with a sofa, TV, and glamorous chandelier) to have a noisy pool party. On the third floor, place a dining table and chairs to eat under the stars or have a picnic under the sun. Recreate scenes from the movie in which the tourist appears, “Barbie and Her Sisters” in the Big Puppy Adventure, or jump to the driver’s seat to play your own stories. 

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Accessories – a fireplace, a roaster with marshmallows, crockery, cutlery and furniture elements – add to the story more fun camping. With signature touches such as a chandelier, a TV with a remote control and a place to sleep for all four sisters (including a fun fabric hammock), the game will really be complete.The van includes transformation functions, a swimming pool with a slide, a sofa, a bed, a blanket, a table, two chairs (with removable safety belts), a tire / bonfire tire for a fire, a brazier with marshmallows, popcorn in a bowl, a bottle of juice, a cardboard box for eggs, milk carton, frying pan, spatula, soap dish, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, plates, cups and two bed pillows. Dolls are sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls can not stand by themselves. Colors and decorations may vary.

For a classic game of camper there is also a bedroom, living room, dining room and a fire pit. The cabin body contains sleeping places — a bed (with a soft blanket) and a hammock made of printed fabric — all four sisters have a comfortable place to sleep. When the handle is lifted up, it creates two additional rooms. The living room of the second floor is an ideal place where you can hang a chandelier, install a sofa, relax and unwind while watching “TV”. The third floor deck is a table top for dinner with a view; A table and two chairs are perfect. Take the dessert by the campfire, created by turning the spare wheel cover, and roasted marshmallow; four fried marshmallow sticks – which fit the doll’s hands – are included.

Children will enjoy exploring the world in this camper.

barbie po up camper

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