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Barbie Advent Calendar – An review of available calendars.

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar

Despite the rapid development of the toy world and the emergence of new fashion dolls, Barbie dolls remain very popular, modern and satisfy the interest of many girls and adult collectors.

I consider the last series of Barbie, which are worthy of being in the collection:

In the stores you can find many cool game sets with Barbie, but a must buy once a year, I believe, Advent calendar with Barbie doll.

What does Advent calendar Barbie mean?

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar 2020

Advent calendar is created for Christmas holidays (in fact, you can use it waiting for any holiday, such as birthday).

Advent calendar means countdown. That is, a certain number of days before Christmas you open the windows (doors) and get a surprise or a task (if it is an Advent calendar without toys).

Each parent choosing Advent calendar takes into account the interests of the child. This site has reviews of a large number of Advent calendars for every taste.

If you love Barbie, then read this article to decide on the countdown calendar.

Types Advent calendars Barbie

There are several Barbie Advent calendars. Every year Mattel releases a new calendar with a new doll and outfits. However, you can buy last year’s calendar if you like it better than new.

Let’s start the list from the newest to the very first:

Advent calendar Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale – 2020

For fans of fairy tales, princesses, unicorns and mermaids – this calendar 2020 will be a great gift for girls from 3 to 7 years.

Advent calendar Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale consists of 24 windows with gifts inside:

  1. Barbie doll with blond hair and a purple strand. Dressed Barbie in a swimsuit of blue and pink flowers. It is not removable. The doll’s legs and arms do not bend, but move to the sides, like the head.
  2. two skirts
  3. mermaid’s tail
  4. brush
  5. unicorn
  6. cute pets (rabbit, puppy, dragon)
  7. magic wand
  8. two pairs of shoes
  9. tea set
  10. jewelry and accessories
  11. cushion for the pet
Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar 1

Every day open a new window (they are numbered) and collect a new Barbie image.

Mix and combine outfits, jewelry for new images and game scenes.

Create your own fairy tale with the Advent calendar Barbie Dreamtopia, get a lot of fun and joy.

Every day waiting for a new unknown gift is so exciting! This BarbieDreamtopia countdown calendar is suitable for any holiday, not just Christmas.

Barbie Advent calendar 2019

Barbie Advent Calendar 2019

Look at the photo Advent calendar Barbie 2019 – in the style of a glamorous party, just delight! Suitable for countdown to any holiday, not only Christmas.

24 windows – 24 presents for every day! Opening every day Advent Barbie calendar is very interesting, because it is not known what will be caught at every door.

Barbie Advent Calendar 2019 box

Filling the Advent of the Barbie Calendar:

On the first of December, open a Barbie doll, and further on the rooms open the gift every day waiting for Christmas:

  1. Barbie doll with blond hair in a glamorous swimsuit. Legs and arms are mobile, but not bent.
  2. Five pieces of clothing
  3. purses
  4. present
  5. Three pairs of shoes
  6. Puppy and kitten
  7. sunglasses
  8. jewelry and accessories
  9. Feather Boa
  10. The most important gift – a ring for your baby. Wear it to any holiday – it’s chic.
Barbie Advent Calendar 2019 surprises

You will get it all in one Advent calendar.

When you finish unpacking, mix and combine outfits, jewelry and play fun.

Advent Calendar Barbie 2018

Two years ago the second Advent calendar Barbie was released.

The countdown to Christmas was accompanied by the unpacking of Barbie of different professions.

Also 24 windows and 24 gifts, one every day!

Barbie Advent Calendar 2018

Now this Advent calendar is not available in official stores, perhaps you can buy it in collectors’ ads.

In my opinion, it was a very interesting calendar – Barbie could be dressed in different professions:

  • ballerina
  • skier
  • baker
  • doctor.
  • and two more outfits for the party!

Barbie Advent Calendar 2016

Barbie Advent Calendar 2016

This Advent calendar is released without a doll. There are 24 surprises waiting for you in 24 days countdown to Christmas.

Barbie Advent Calendar 2016 1

The very first Advent calendar Barbie was released in 2015.

Barbie Advent Calendar 2015

From this photo we can say with certainty that this is a Barbie Christmas calendar.

Inside Barbie fans were waiting for 24 surprises – clothes, accessories and shoes for the doll, as well as a gift for a girl. But the doll was not included in the set.

This did not upset the buyers, because it was the first Advent Barbie calendar and it was bought year after year.

This is all about Barbie’s Christmas calendars, if you are interested in other Advent calendars, you can read them in this article.

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