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Barbie – best Christmas gift!

barbie gift

We really love Barbie dolls, so on our site you will find many articles with new Barbie dolls for 2019.

If you want your baby to give Barbie dolls or play sets with Barbie dolls for the new year, then read our list of toys!

  1. Barbie doll boat with accessories and three puppies.
barbie ocean boat 1
  • This is a great gift as an addition to mermaid dolls or the classic Barbie doll.
  • Immerse yourself in the ocean of fun with the Barbie Magic Boat – it really swims!
  • A beautiful pink Barbie boat is sold with three puppies and many
  • ccessories, including an inflatable vest with a tube for breathing underwater to make it more fun.
  • Two Barbie dolls and little sisters can be put in the boat (dolls sold separately)
  • the bottom of the boat for Barbie is glass to see marine underwater life
  • The kit comes with a raft that is attached to the boat and you can transport Barbie puppies!
  • Life jacket and snorkeling mask for Barbie included – for a fun game.
    From accessories: two cups, sunscreen and a camera
barbie ocean view boat
barbie ocean boat 2
barbie ocean boat
barbie ocean boat 3

2. Barbie Pet Care Cart

barbie pet care 1

With this Barbie game kit, your baby can become a veterinarian! The Barbie Pet Care kit has a three-tier pet treatment trolley. Pet sold separately.

barbie pet care
  • Barbie’s pet care kit includes:
  • one care trolley
  • one pair of game points
  • one pair of tweezers
  • one game thermometer
  • one pair of game scissors,
  • one game syringe,
  • the sink

barbie pet care 2

The tray is removed, and the cart Barbie actually rides.

3. Barbie kitten and bag with accessories for grooming.

Barbie Vet Bag Set 1
  1. Help your kitten feel better with the Barbie kit. In addition, the kitten itself is interactive with sensitive points on its paw and nose to activate various sounds and lights.
  2. The kit includes everything you need to treat a furry friend.
  3. Includes a carrying bag and accessories (stethoscope, syringe, bandage, bottle for feeding, donut, patch, kitten).
Barbie Vet Bag Set

4. Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle.

barbie clinick car

The Barbie Clinic is an ambulance and a hospital, a two-in-one toy. The sound of the ambulance siren and the light are turned on at the touch of a button.

When Barbie’s car arrives on call, simply raise the lever at the back of the car to instantly turn into a medical clinic. Both sides of the machine open and it turns out: a patient registration area and a swivel chair, a waiting room with a store that is hiding behind a TV, and a room with an X-ray machine.

A bed for examination of patients lying down, is transformed into a sitting position.

barbie clinic care

There are a lot of accessories complete with this Barbie game set; ambulance:

barbie clinic care 2

Barbie Ambulance is the perfect gift for novice doctors. Dolls sold separately.

barbie clinic care car

5. Barbie Skipper babysitters

barbie skipper babysitters

Do you know that Barbie dolls have sisters and even brothers?

Sister Skipper is the brunette and most popular sister of Barbie.

This Barbie game set will be a great gift for a girl!

Includes Barbie Skipper doll, baby girl, stroller and baby care accessories.

The skipper looks very stylish – a fashionable hairstyle with purple curls, a short skirt, a beautiful T-shirt.

barbie skipper babysitters 3

a telephone, a water bottle and a packet of cookies are placed in her purse.

barbie skipper babysitters 2

And the girl in the stroller is very fun to sit and walk, because her bear toy and Fisher Price toy phone ride with her.

This Barbie Skipper set is a wonderful toy that will allow you to play many scenes from the life of Barbie’s older and younger sisters.

barbie skipper babysitters 1

There are different types of Barbie Skipper sets on sale. Here, for example, with a bath. Watch and choose Barbie toys to your taste.

barbie skipper babysitters 4

6.Barbie Dreamtopia Styling Head

barbie styling head
  1. For fans of Barbie dolls, such a mannequin head will be a super gift! Barbie’s beautiful big head, with bright long pink hair and multi-colored strands, will help your daughter develop hairstyles.
  2. The set also includes accessories: curling iron, hair clips, elastic bands, comb, removable lock of hair, tiara and pearl hair clips.
barbie dreamtopiastyling head

Learning to do hairstyles will be more interesting with this set of Barbie stylish heads.

7. Barbie Large Cash Register

barbie cash register

With cashier Barbie you can play a role-playing game in the store.

Bright and beautiful box office Barbie will be a great gift for a girl for any occasion!

In the set: cash register with a real calculator and a list of products, money, a bank card, two jars.

The cash desk is interactive, opens, makes sounds of a real cash desk and phrases of the seller.

barbie cash register roleplay

8. Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

  1. Barbie doll will help your baby prepare toy food with this Barbie Ultimate Kitchen game set.
  2. The set is interactive, it contains sounds and lights, food forms, 5 colors of plasticine to create food and more than twenty items for a fun game in the kitchen with Barbie.
  3. Several areas of Barbie’s kitchen are equipped with an oven with a baking pan, a roasting pan, a sandwich and a vegetarian form.
  4. You can fill out the cake pan with dough and press the oven to make it rise; then put in the oven and raise its lever. When the timer rings, it means the dessert is ready!
  5. To cook french fries – Fill the frying press with yellow dough and close the lid. You will also hear hissing.
  6. You can make a sandwich by filling out a test form and closing it.
  7. Barbie doll comes in a set with a kitchen and wears a universal image, which includes a fashionable blue sundress, a pretty polka dot apron and white shoes.
barbie ultimate kitchen 1
barbie ultimate kitchen 2

Barbie Ultimate kitchen will be a super gift and will interest your daughter for a long time.

barbie ultimate kitchen

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