Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams – Movie Trailer

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Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams – Movie Trailer on YouTube. Starring Barbie “Malibu” and Barbie “Brooklyn,” with the same names – Roberts.

Screenshots of the Barbie Big City, Big Dreams movie trailer.

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Barbie “Malibu” Roberts meets Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts for the first time! Watch Barbie’s “Big City, Big Dreams” on Netflix on September 1!

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Kids can discover double singing and double fun in this brand new musical adventure with dolls from Barbie Big City, Big Dreams!

Two aspiring singers team up in a new musical film set in New York City.

Follow the adventures of the two Barbie Roberts and make sure they not only have the same names, but also goals and interests!

Participating in competitions, they not only want to win, but also to develop and gain new experience. New rousing dances and fun songs await you in Barbie Big City, Big Dreams!

Discover double the singing and double the fun in this all-new musical movie Barbie Big City, Big Dreams. Barbie swaps the sunny shores of Malibu for the bright lights of Broadway to attend an exclusive summer performing arts program and meets…Barbie!

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