Barbie BMR1959 – Fashion dolls. review

Barbie BMR1959 dolls

The Barbie doll has been the queen of the toy world for 60 years. The doll’s image is constantly changing, depending on global trends.

Read this review of the super fashion series Barbie dolls – BMR1959 and decide whether to spend your money on them.

What is the Barbie BMR1959?

Barbie BMR1959 means the full name of Barbie doll: “Barbie Millicent Roberts”, and it was produced in 1959.

Contemporary fashion trends have a great influence on the design of the Barbie dolls collection BMR1959.

While every girl is watching fashion, dolls should be in trend too. With this in mind, Mattel designers and fashion designers created super stylish images for Barbie dolls BMR1959.

The designer of the Barbie BMR 1959 series was Carlisle Nuera.

The style of Barbie BMR 1959 dolls is a revival of the fashion of the 90s with a modern interpretation of accessories and details of the outfit.

The image of Barbie dolls is thought out in detail, and the different styles, types of doll appearance will allow each Barbie fan to choose their favorite.

The motto of the series Barbie BMR 1959, quote:

“We celebrate Barbie doll’s fashion heritage with a second collection inspired by today’s hottest streetwear trends”

On sale first and second wave of Barbie series BMR1959.

Body of Barbie doll BMR1959

barbie bmr1959 mattel

Barbie series BMR1959 is not the first swivel dolls. There was already a series of Barbie Made to move dedicated to sports activities.

Barbie BMR1959 dolls also have bending arms and legs in their joints. A doll can stand, sit, take different poses for photos. Голова куклы поворачивается.

And the best part is that the face of each Barbie BMR 1959 doll expresses a certain unique emotion. The faces are very pretty.

However, according to Barbie doll fans, the Barbie BMR 1959 collection lacks Ken African-American. Let’s hope we wait for him.

The height of Barbie BMR dolls 1959 30 cm. but there are different types of figures. Barbie BMR 1959 dolls can be thicker or thinner, higher or lower in height.

The growth of Barbie BMR1959 dolls is different.

1. Alex (man bun dude) “12
2. Ria (Asian girl yellow hat) “11 3/4
3. Claudette (tall white girl bushy hair) “12.5
4. Alicia (short black girl w/ponytail) “11
5. Tiana (light skinned black girl w/braids) “11 3/4
6. Milton (light skinned black boy w/green hair) “12

Also in the series Barbie BMR 1959 there are different types of appearance: skin and eye color, hairstyle. It is possible to choose a doll for every taste.

All dolls with painted makeup and manicure, like real fashionistas.

Barbie BMR 1959 box

Barbie BMR 1959 dolls come in an opaque cardboard box.

The box is like a shoe.

The box is like a shoe. But unlike the Barbie Color Reveal series, there’s no surprise what kind of Barbie doll gets caught.

On the box is graphically drawn a doll, which is inside and indicates the name of the series.

barbie bmr1959box

Check List Barbie BMR 1959

The Barbie BMR 1959 collection includes 10 Barbie dolls. Three of them are Ken and seven Barbie dolls.

Each doll has its own unique style, inspired by street fashion.

Barbie BMR 1959 Latin American – 2019 collection

This doll doesn’t have a name, but you’d think she was Hispanic by her looks.

The first thing this Barbie likes about her is her hair. Stylish pigtails, ping-pong – look great. This Barbie BMR 1959 with a very fashionable hairstyle and her outfit is also stylish: a sports jumpsuit with bikes, an overseas jumper and a belt pouch are simply delightful. And the fashionable Barbie BMR 1959 look is complemented by pink sneakers, rings and long earrings.

barbie bmr1959 doll

Pay attention to the facial expressions of Barbie BMR 1959, her mouth is closed in a light smile.

barbie bmr1959 doll 1

Dolls Barbie BMR 1959 are sold with a special stand with the logo complete. Give her different poses for the photo shoot.

Barbie BMR 1959 Curly Blonde – Collection 2019

The outfit of this Barbie doll BMR1959 is very bright. A shortened tricolour sweatshirt, striped bermuda shorts, and a green cap and high solid boots complete the look.

Hair – Afro pigtails look very stylish and harmonious with the image in general.

barbie bmr1959 doll curly blonde
barbie bmr1959 curly blonde

Barbie BMR 1959 Ken Brunet – 2019 collection

Barbie BMR 1959 Ken with a very stylish hairstyle, slapped and shoulder bag. He’s wearing a sweatshirt and shorts. The aviator glasses look very stylish.

barbie bmr1959 ken
barbie bmr1959 ken brunette

Barbie BMR 1959 Claudette – 2 wave

Claudette is this Barbie BMR 1959 second wave African-American with a stylish purple hairdo.

barbie bmr1959 claudette

BMR 1959 logo on earrings in gold. The top and artificial leather skirt, stylish jacket and yellow sneakers make this Barbie very stylish.

She’s smaller than a standard Barbie doll.

barbie bmr1959 clodette

Barbie BMR 1959 Midge second wave

This Barbie BMR 1959 is also from the second wave of this series. The green-eyed brunette is sure to win your heart. Two braids can be seen from under the stylish hat. The outfit is an accurate reflection of the fashion of the 90s.

Short shirt, mesh top and jogger pants in blue and yellow. Green boots complete the stylish look.

Barbie BMR 1959 midge
Barbie BMR 1959 midge doll

Barbie BMR 1959 Tango – wave 2

Beautiful long-haired Asian woman with light curls decorated with hairpins, with the BMR 1959 logo.

I really like this Barbie BMR 1959 outfit. Black and white top and bikes, and decorated with a pink and yellow cape with a hood.

And the super highlight is the high transparent green boots.

Barbie BMR 1959 tango

Barbie BMR 1959 smiles and has a very nice makeup – green shades and a light shade of lips.

barbie bmr1959 tango

Barbie BMR 1959 Tate Ken – wave 2

Very fashionable Barbie BMR1959 Ken wearing a black and white sweatshirt, yellow wide pants, with a belt pouch and blue cap. Ken has real red hair, freckles and stylish earrings in his ears.

Ken Barbie BMR1959 with real hair should be in your Barbie collection.

Barbi BMR 1959 tate ken
Barbie BMR 1959 ken tate

Barbie BMR 1959 Kira – collection 2019

This Barbie BMR1959 must be Korean. Very stylish look – long dress, denim bomb, yellow cap and ring earrings. Shoes on a thick sole complement the fashion look.

Her mouth is open in a smile and bright makeup adorns her face.

barbie bmr1959 kira
barbie bmr1959 kira doll

Barbie BMR 1959 Pazette – wave 1

This is a very bright doll in a fashionable dress with floral print and hood, in a transparent sweatshirt on top. Fashion accessories perfectly complement the image.

barbie bmr pazette
barbie bmr1959 pazette

Barbie BMR 1959 Ken Tango – wave 1

Stylish Barbie BMR 1959 Ken series. Green short hair, real, fashionable outfit and massive accessories – he should be in your collection! You should know that he has makeup.

barbie bmr1959 tango ken
barbie bmr ken tango

You can buy the Barbie BMR1959 First and Second Wave at the official Barbie, Amazon, Walmart, Target and other stores in your country.

Clothes, shoes and accessories from the Barbie BMR1959 can be taken off and put back on.

In terms of size, the clothes fit other Barbie dolls than Barbie BTS dolls.

Collect the Barbie BMR1959 collection 2019 and 2020 for a fun game.

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