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Barbie Careers – Review

There’s not a single person in the world who doesn’t know who a Barbie doll is. She was and is the most popular doll for girls. This trend has been the same for 60 years. During that time, the doll has gone through a lot of changes. Fashion, appearance, series of dolls were changed, accessories, cars and houses were added.

There are many articles about Barbie doll series, houses and cars on this site. Check out the articles about other series of dolls Barbie.

In this article, I’ll talk about the Barbie series, “Who’s to Be?”

It’s about different activities and it’s worth talking about in more detail. Using the example of Barbie dolls, your child can understand and learn about each of the professions.

The features of Barbie dolls career

Each of the Barbie series dolls career represents one of many professions. The series is constantly updated with new dolls. As always, dolls are made of quality plastic and textiles. Among the features can be attributed:

  • Removable clothes and accessories.
  • Movable limbs (but not bending) and head.
  • Different proportions of the body.
  • Different colour of hair and skin.
  • Availability of a large number of themed accessories.
  • Perfect detailing.
  • Hair can be combed.

The toy is designed for admiration and surprise. Girls are happy to enter the game with new girlfriends. Plot and role-playing games with dolls that can move, beautifully dressed, and even have a profession, now even more interesting.

Series Barbie Career – a list of professions

Career for Barbie dolls – is not just a set of accessories on the subject. It is a complete image. Each doll is endowed with an individual character and appearance. Buying a Barbie Career series means buying a unique doll that will help children form their own opinion about different professions and their features.

Let’s start with a profession that is “by ear” in 2020 all over the world.

Barbie Campaign Team – present set

Barbie Career Campaign Team gifset

With this Barbie Career Doll Gift Set, you can become a voter, campaign manager, candidate and campaign fundraiser.

This Barbie Career set has been designed with style, outfit and accessories for every role.

It’s a great gift for a girl in 2020.

Barbie Career Campaign Team

Barbie Careers Ice Skater Doll

Barbie Careers Ice Skater Doll

Every girl loves to look at beautiful, elegant figure skaters, which glide smoothly on the smooth ice. Barbie in a cute costume for the performance will help to present herself as an artist. A cute blonde in a pink one-shoulder dress has already won a prize for her perfect performance.

Barbie, of course, is wearing skates on her feet. Everything you need for a brilliant performance is ready. It’s time to start the ice show and turn into sports champions with Barbie.

Barbie Career Teacher Playset

barbie teacher career

A playe set, which includes:

  • Barbie teacher
  • Student doll
  • A table with shelves and a board that turns over
  • Chair
  • Training materials (hamster terrarium, plant, set of books)
  • A set for entertainment during breaks (bear, lunch box).
    Barbie doll teacher wearing a blue shirt with peas, yellow pants, white shoes. As an accessory – black glasses. The girl student wears a cute pink sundress with a blue shirt and slippers in a tone sundress.

Barbie Chef Doll

Barbie Chef Doll

Barbie is a chef ready to delight his guests with exquisite masterpieces of cooking. She has at least a frying pan for that. The costume fully reflects the chef’s mood and character. Red top, black striped trousers and black shoes.

What kind of chef without a hat? It is an essential attribute that everyone who has tied his life to the kitchen and daily pleases many visitors with his professionalism.

Barbie Baby Doctor

Barbie Baby Doctor

You can find a doctor doll in a box:

  • Doctor Barbie doll (blonde or brunette)
  • Two baby patients
  • Examination table
  • Transparent mobile wards for small patients
  • Bottles for lotion, water (three in total)
  • Two blankets
  • Inspection Schedule
  • Stethoscope
    The table is mounted on wheels, there are shelves to fold things neatly. Above the compartments where the babies lie, there’s a mobile for fun. The doll is wearing a doctor’s light green outfit and white slippers.

Barbie Nurse Doll with Stethoscope

Barbie Nurse Doll with Stethoscope

A nurse is an important employee that no hospital can do without. Pretty Barbie is perfect for this role. Dressed in a special uniform – sleeveless butterfly print, purple pants and slippers.

A nurse helps the doctors and sometimes makes his own rounds of patients. In order to track her health, she will need a phonendoscope. The blonde doll is doing a great job, kind and caring will help her owner become a health worker.

Barbie Dentist Doll

Barbie Dentist Doll

With a dentist like that, every child will no longer be afraid of going to dental check-ups. The dentist Barbie got it in the kit:

A little patient with no anterior tooth.
Comfortable armchair for inspection, fascinates with its bright color.
Ultra-modern and technologically advanced rack sink with a lamp and a monitor showing cartoons about dental care.
Inspection tool (mirror)
Hygienic kit (toothbrush, paste)
An obvious accessory in the form of plastic jaws.
The doll is dressed in a stylish dress with a floral print, over which a white robe is worn. There are black shoes on the legs. The dentist has to wear glasses and Barbie has them too. Transparent, special glasses can be worn on the doll or placed neatly on a shelf under the sink. Accessories and equipment included in the kit do not limit your imagination, allowing children to develop different subjects for role-playing games. The girl patient wears a camomile dress and white slippers.

Barbie Photojournalist Doll

na na na surprise 2

Barbie photojournalist in the style of National Geographic has everything you need to work in the field. She does not just take pictures, but travels around the world looking for interesting stories. The kit came with it:

  • National Geographic Magazine
  • Camera
  • Ljovenok, as a story character for shooting.
    The doll wears a top with a khaki vest, brown pants and brown hiking boots.

Barbie Polar Marine Biologist Doll

Barbie Polar Marine Biologist Doll

Chic brunette, Barbie’s a marine biologist, ready to explore the poles of the earth. To be warm and comfortable in harsh conditions, she is dressed in a red park and black warm trousers. She has hiking boots on her feet, warm and tall so that the snow doesn’t clog. The park is decorated with patches, there are pockets.

To protect your eyes from the bright sun and glittering snow you will need dark glasses. Barbie loves animals and she has a friend, a penguin. An additional character in the box to help make up interesting stories and travels Barbie.

Barbie Astrophysicist Doll

Barbie Astrophysicist Doll

The blonde astrophysicist is an interesting doll that got caught in the box with:

  • A big telescope that can rotate
  • Stellar map of the sky
    The doll wears a space print top and black pants. Black boots on her legs. Cute Barbie with long hair will help you explore the starry sky or even discover a new planet.

Barbie Careers Farmer Doll

Barbie Careers Farmer Doll

Farming is a Barbie farmer’s favorite job. She takes care of the animals, grows and harvests in the garden. She wears a checkered short-sleeved shirt, blue leggings and high brown boots to keep the work going.

Beautiful brunette is happy to take on any job. She may be on her way to the yard right now to feed the hen or to see if her testicles have been laid.

Barbie Scientist Doll

Barbie Scientist Doll

Scientists are serious and very smart people. Barbie’s ready to experiment with different chemicals. She has a mixing flask for that. You’ll need goggles to keep the chemicals from damaging your eyes. A white coat will protect a cute purple peas dress.

Barbie always remains stylish and fashionable. So, even if the work goes on in the labs, it doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty there. Cute red beads around the neck complete the image.

Barbie Careers Pop Star Doll

Barbie Careers Pop Star Doll

Barbie the musician got an interesting appearance. She does not look like the usual dolls, has wavy hair decorated with pink strands, lush forms, round face, chubby lips.

She is dressed in a brilliant concert dress, a beautiful pendant on her neck. What kind of musician without an instrument? Barbie likes to play guitar. A pink guitar on a silicone strap will help come up with a number for the performance.

Barbie Careers Paleontologist Doll

Barbie Careers Paleontologist Doll

The serious work of a paleontologist conquered Barbie with ease. She is ready to look for interesting fossils and learn more about the past of the earth. Dressed in a blue T-shirt, green vest, light shorts and brown hiking boots.

She’ll need a tool for her work. So the kit includes a brush and a helmet with a bright flashlight. As an example of paleontological work, together with the doll in the package is a small pebble. What it means, and what secrets can carry – it is not difficult to think up.

Barbie Pilot Doll

Barbie Pilot Doll

The Barbie Pilot is a doll for those who dream of heaven. A beautiful brunette in a pilot’s costume will be a great present for every girl. The blue suit is decorated with characteristic attributes in the form of patches. The sleeves have white lamps. The jacket is worn on top of a white shirt. Pink tie elegantly emphasizes business style.

The obligatory attribute of the pilot – a cap. A cute touch that completes the image of a strict pilot. A responsible profession that requires a lot of attention, professionalism and seriousness. Barbie pilot has all the necessary qualities to cope with such work.

Barbie Career Places Playsets

Barbie Career places Playsets

Stylish doll, in a shiny concert costume. Barbie wears a holographic effect skirt and a shiny top. Elegant heeled shoes, purple. The set includes:

  • Recording table
  • Purple highchair
  • Guitar
  • Synthesizer
  • Headphones
  • Computer (monitor, keyboard, speakers)
  • Microphone
  • Water bottle.
    The table at the back has a professional microphone and a stand with notes. Barbie can sing and record, summarize and edit records, creating hits.

Barbie Careers Smoothie Chef

Barbie Careers Smoothie Chef

A Barbie who’s ready to treat everyone to delicious juices made with her own fresh fruit. A smiling entrepreneur cleverly manages a mobile trolley that displays everything you need for delicious treats. The set includes:

A trolley on wheels in bright orange, with a green umbrella.
Set for smoothies (pink and orange cup, pink and orange bottle, juicer).
The trolley is decorated with a bright fruit sticker. Attractive and bright design definitely attracts many lovers of delicious and healthy drink.

Barbie Pizza Maker

Barbie Pizza Maker

Cook delicious pizza, which can be more fun and exciting when you have a cute assistant like Barbie. A chic set that has everything you need to make a favorite dish for all children:

  • A full kitchen with grill, oven with fire, portable cheese grate
  • There’s a cash register on the table
  • Separate shelf for plates
  • Refrigerator nightstand for food and beverages
  • Kitchen appliance: two green plates, dish, pizza spatula, pizza knife, glasses, water bottle
  • Three kinds of dough (white, beige, red)
  • Packaging for cooked pizza.
    Amazing set that provides unlimited storytelling for role-playing games. Children can cook using dough, sell and record their own profits. Barbie’s assistant vow in pink cap, white T-shirt, plaid skirt, green apron, pink sneakers.

Barbie ​Ken Wildlife Vet

Barbie Ken Wildlife Vet

The vet is a good doctor who cares about the health of all the fluffy and cute. In the playset:

  • Veterinary stand under the green roof, with stairs, netting for the seat, tire on the rope for animal entertainment
  • Little monkey
  • Cheetah Baby
  • Ken’s doll.
    Stand, under a tree, decorated with the landscape of the jungle at sunset. Ken is wearing a light green shirt, khaki shorts. As Ken is a veterinarian, he has a phonendoscope, a syringe and feeding bottles.

Ken Firefighter Doll

Ken Firefighter Doll

Fireman Ken is a hero. Ready to fight fires. Wearing the appropriate uniform: yellow suit, pants and coat. Decorated with large pockets, which easily fit all the necessary tools for the firefighter. On the chest glued flashlight and radio. The head is decorated with a hat and black boots on his feet.

With Ken the firefighter you can easily imagine yourself as a firefighter and perform feats together. Role-playing games in which the elements are easy and easy to dare to be a fun adventure, both for boys and girls.

Barbie Career Dolls – Unlimited Play Opportunities

Everybody’s favorite Barbie will help you present yourself as one of the many professions. Accessories and accessories, which, depending on the doll’s profession, necessarily complement the image, provide additional opportunities for expanding the plot of the game.

How much does Barbie Career cost?

Depending on the equipment and specifics of the Barbie Career profession, the price of the doll also changes. The price ranges from $9 per doll to $30. Kits for a higher price include more additional parts and accessories. For example. A Barbie pediatrician or a Barbie pizza doll will cost more than an astronomer. High-quality toys impress with their mobility, realism. That’s why they’re so loved by girls all over the world, no age restrictions.

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