Barbie Celebrates Mattel’s 75th Anniversary – Barbie Signature

barbie signature mattel 75 BARBIE

Mattel celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2020. And, since the Barbie doll became the most popular and sought after toy of the company, they reproduced the very first, debut Barbie doll of 1959. We already have an article about the history and evolution of Barbie dolls. We suggest you familiarize yourself with it at this link.

Barbie doll is a breakthrough for Mattel. According to employees, Barbie is a star in Barbie’s history that shines to this day. Over 60 years of Barbie’s history, the doll has evolved very much, tried on many outfits and images, including famous designers, tried on dozens of professions, made friends and family, cars and the best doll houses!

More than one generation has grown up with Barbie dolls. And in my childhood I had a Barbie doll, Ken, and even a three-story house! This is almost the only toy that I still remember! At the moment, Barbie is very modern, fashionable and this doll has a great social function! Buying and playing different Barbie dolls, your baby learns to be different, understands that people in the world can be different and this is good and right! With the Barbie doll, we learn to take care of younger, older, people with disabilities, and even pets. Barbie doll should be in every home, definitely.

Barbie Celebrates Mattel's 75th Anniversary - Barbie Signature

I know adults who collect dolls and replenish their Barbie collection every year! Barbie collectible dolls deserve a separate article!

Let’s go back to the 1959 Barbie doll debut.

barbie anniversary doll
It looks like a festive box of Barbie dolls.
barbie anniversary doll 1

Barbie doll is beautiful. Her body was created on Silkstone – that is, as the very first models of Barbie dolls, she is dressed in a swimsuit, she is wearing vintage glasses and earrings. The hairstyle is characteristic of the 60s – a stylish tail with a wound bang. Lipstick, manicure and pedicure in red. And the black heeled sandals.

barbie signature mattel 2

This doll is incredible! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 60s and replenish your collection with this iconic Barbie doll story.

60 years after the release of this first doll, 100 Barbie dolls are currently being sold every minute in the world! This is an impressive statistic. Thank you Mattel for Barbie, for the star of all time in the world of dolls! We can safely say that Mattel is in almost every house where children live. Happy Birthday Mattel!

Barbie Celebrates Mattel's 75th Anniversary - Barbie Signature

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