Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal

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In 2019, Barbie Color Reveal was released. This was the first series that received great demand. Company Mattel continued to create Barbie dolls with surprises, you can already buy the second series of Barbie Color Reveal and Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal.

What is a Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal doll?

Chelsea is the younger sister of Barbie dolls. Color Reveal means color disclosure. Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal is a surprise toy in a tube (cylinder) of green and blue. You will find out which doll is hiding inside when you wash pink paint from it. Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal will bring the child a lot of fun from unpacking and playing.

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Surprises Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal

Inside your child’s top hat there are 6 surprises:

  • print skirt
  • shoes
  • tail
  • accessory (glasses, hoop, ice cream, lollipop)
  • chelsea doll
  • Chelsea doll color change in water.
barbie chelsea color reveal 1

Unboxing Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal

The first thing you need to do when unpacking this toy is to open the lid of the tube, get a pink Chelsea doll and four surprise bags.

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Then, pour water into the cylinder and lower the doll. Twist Chelsea until the paint is completely washed off. Now you see which Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal doll you came across.

Dolls can be with different skin colors, eyes, in different swimsuits and different hairstyles.

The theme of Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal dolls is food, sweets. Therefore, each doll on a swimsuit and skirt shows a sweetness (lollipop, chocolate, jelly bears, marshmallows and ice cream).

As we see the packaging design and the food theme of Chelsea dolls, we can conclude that these are the younger sisters of Barbie Color Reveal dolls of the second series.

Also, you will find 4 bags with surprises. Open them and dress up your Chelsea Color Reveal.

chelsea color reveal

How many dolls are in the Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal series?

The Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal collection has 5 dolls, as well as Barbie Color Reveal.

In cold water, doll swimsuits change color. Gather the entire Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal collection for more fun!

In April 2020, these dolls went on sale on

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