Barbie club Chelsea House

barbie chelsea house

The beloved Barbie doll has brothers, sisters, friends and pets.

The youngest sister of the Barbie doll is Chelsea. A cute blonde girl who loves pets – puppies.

Chelsea lives separately from Barbie, she has her own house, which we will now tell you about.

A two-story house for Chelsea with a working elevator, a kitchen and a bedroom is a great gift for lovers of Barbie dolls and her younger sister.

barbie chelsea clubhouse

Barbie Chelsea’s house has many accessories, furniture and her favorite teddy bear.

The doll’s bedroom is located on the roof, which can be reached using the elevator.

barbie chelsea clubhouse 1

And in the kitchen of Barbie Chelsea’s house you will find a table, two high chairs, dishes and food.

barbie chelsea house 1

Chelsea has another beautiful house – Chelsea Treehouse .

barbie chelsea treehouse

This is a very interesting and fun toy with many accessories, a Chelsea doll and a puppy.

barbie chelsea treehouse 1

You can slide from the slide, the swing really swings, and from the window you can look at the starry sky through a telescope.

A Chelsea puppy booth is right under the Barbie Chelsea house. The doors of the house are closed on both sides for a more interesting game. Thanks to the stairs, entering the house through the door is much more convenient.

barbie chelsea treehouse 2

The bright design of the house in the style of Barbie is very cute and bright. Your little one will definitely enjoy playing with this treehouse for Chelsea Barbie.

And here are the accessories and furniture that you get with the Chelsea house.

barbie chelsea treehouse 4

Write which Barbie Chelsea house did you like the most?

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