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What is the Barbie Color Reveal

Barbie Surprise dolls – Color Reveal wins the love of girls. In addition to Barbie dolls you get fun from unpacking the doll.

Each series of Barbie Color Reveal dolls has a theme. The first series was a series of animals, the second series Barbie Color Reveal – food, and the third series is called “Outdoor”. Barbie dolls have a theme on nature.

Another difference of the third series of Barbie Color Reveal is the color of Barbie doll – instead of pink, now it is blue metallic. The whole doll is completely covered with paint, you will not know which doll you got until you completely wash the paint.

Unpacking the Barbie Color Reveal

Unboxing Barbie Color Reveal Series 3 is very fun and reveals many surprises.

  • First, pull the tape, open the cylinder, pull out the blue Barbie and pour water into the cylinder.
  • put theBarbie doll in the water and spin it to make the paint run away. The water will turn blue, and you’ll see which doll you got.
barbie color reveal series 3 surprise
  • Open up 4 surprise bags with a sponge, wig, shoes and skirt.
barbie color reveal series 3 surprises
  • put on your doll and see how it changes color. To do this, moisten a sponge in cold water and run it through Barbie’s hair – it changes colour.

Keep the storage tube for your Barbie Color Reveal 3 and its accessories.

Barbie Color Reveal 7 Surprises

As in the previous Barbie Color Reveal series, the third series has seven surprises for you when unpacking.

  • Barbie doll + surprise what she’ll be like.
  • skirt
  • shoes
  • sponge
  • colour-changing wig
  • surprise makeup change for Barbie

You’ll get a lot of fun from unpacking your Barbie Color Reveal surprises. It’s an amazing process.

Also, I was wondering how do Color Reveal Barbie work& what kind of chemical makes it possible to change the color of the doll in cold or warm water& Having read the information on the Internet, I can assume that Barbie Color Reveal happens by adding a chemical such as color-changing vinyl or vinyl glue. It’s very interesting to know if this is actually the case.

Check List Barbie Color Reveal

Fans of Barbie Color Reveal surprise dolls will now have a collection of 15 dolls, including the first and second series of Barbie Color Reveal.

В третей серии нас ждут 5 новых кукол Barbie Color Reveal.

As you remember, their theme is Outdoor – natural phenomena, fresh air – everything you want in spring and summer.

Barbie Color Reveal 3 series dolls in swimsuits and skirts with prints: rainbows, flowers, moon with stars, palms and rain with an umbrella.

Barbie dolls with different colors of skin, eyes and wigs. The color scheme of these dolls outfits is very delicate in the third series. And the wigs are reclaimed.

barbie color reveal series 3 dolls

Every girl between the ages of three and seven will love Barbie Color Reveal dollss. The funny process of unpacking, beautiful Barbie doll, surprises, the opportunity to collect a collection, mix and combine outfits of different dolls, playful stories – all this will give your girl a lot of happiness.

Surprise dolls Barbie Color Reveal 3 develop creativity, logic and motor skills of the child.

Barbie Color Reveal supports Mattel’s quote “You can be anything”. These dolls really reveal different Styles of girls.

you can be anything barbie

Collect the entire collection of the third Barbie Color Reveal series for more fun!

Information about Barbie Color Reveal Surprise Dolls

Packaging Size3.54 x 1.5 x 12 Inche
Packaging Weight4.1 ounce
Recommended age3-6 years
Manufacturer and year of productionMattel , 2019-2020
When will Barbie Color Reveal dolls be released?

The first series of Barbie Color Reveal is available since December 2019, the second series appeared in spring 2020, and in May 2020 a third series of Barbie Color Reveal will be released.

Where to find and buy Barbie Color Reveal?

All the Barbie Color Reveal surprise dolls are available for purchase in all major online stores in your country. Such as Amazon, Target, Wallmart itc. In large toy stores, in shopping malls they are also on the shelves.

Can I choose the desired doll by the number on the Barbie Color Reveal packaging?

Some bloggers say that each doll has its own number/code on the cylinder pack Barbie Color Reveal. But we have noticed that in some stores the codes do not match those mentioned by bloggers and the numbers assigned to the package do not guarantee you a specific Barbie doll. So, what kind of barbie doll you get is one of the seven surprises of Barbie Color Reveal.

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