Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaids series 2

barbie color reveal chelsea BARBIE

Meet the new Chelsea Mermaid dolls Barbie Color Reveal series 2.

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Gather a collection of five Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid Chelsea dolls.

In the second series of Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid you will get 4 girls and one boy.

What doll inside is a surprise. You can buy several and get the same dolls, be careful. In this case, you can change with friends or sell a repeat of your doll. Still, every time the process of unpacking the doll and surprises is very interesting.

Assemble a collection of all Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid dolls, mix and match styles for more fun.

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaids series 2

Unpacking Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaids series 2

In the Barbie Color Reveal series you will find a new experience of unpacking a doll:

  1. Pull the strip and remove the outer layer of the package, uns uns unsect the top of the cylinder and pull out the doll, covered from head to toe with purple metallic Color Reveal. You’ll also find 3 opaque packages – the contents are still a secret.
  2. Fill the cylinder with warm water, place the doll inside and twist it – the water changes color to purple with a magical effect!
  3. Pull out a Chelsea doll and find out its appearance – each doll has a different combination of eye color, hair color, skin tone and body.
  4. Open the 3 surprise bag, find – the decorated bodice on the buttons, the crown and the comb that is inserted into the fin (mermaid tail) of the doll!

6 Surprises inside

Unpacking the barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid cylinder you get these surprises:

  • Chelsea Mermaid doll in a transparent package
  • surprise unpacking the appearance of the doll and its fin
  • change in hair color and fin from a piece of ice
  • crown
  • comb
  • bodice

Color Change Surprise

Use ice water or a piece of ice to change the color of the strands on the head of the Chelsea Mermaid doll, as well as the makeup on her face to transform her hair and face! This can be repeated over and over again.

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaids series 2

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