Barbie Color Reveal – Doll’s Review 2020

barbie color reveal mermaid

Can a Barbie doll surprise you? Of course! Knowing how children love surprises, the manufacturer of world-famous dolls goes for the popular trend: buying a toy, you do not know exactly what is in the box. It will take some magic to do this.

Who are Barbie Color Reveal?

Barbie Color Reveal – series of Barbie dolls – a surprise. To find out which doll you will get, you need to bathe it in warm water and wash off the paint. In the box you will get a surprise package, in which the outfit and accessories of the doll are hidden.

We have already reviewed the first three series of Barbie Color Reveal dolls:

  1. Barbie Color Reveal 1 series (animals)
  2. Barbie Color Reveal 2 series (food)
  3. Barbie Color Reveal 3 series (Outdoor)

This article is about new Barbie Color Reveal dolls in fall 2020.

Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid Doll

barbie color reveal doll

Unpacking Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid

Box Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid is a tube in which there is a doll of turquoise color: without facial features and with hair. It looks like a dummy in a clothing store. But if you unpack the toy, place it in warm water, a miracle will happen: the turquoise paint will wash away, and your baby will see one of the 5 dolls of the collection.

Barbie will be dressed in a swimsuit, but she can be dressed. Each doll comes with special accessories: four bags at once, in which surprises are hidden. Sponge (sponge) is a very important part of the set, because the magic does not end with Barbie bathing in warm water. You can put the doll in warm water and continue to play, drawing with a sponge on her face and hair colorful stripes, traces of cosmetics.

barbie color reveal change color

Check List Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid

In each box you will find one mermaid doll. It can be with different shades of skin and special omens – everything will decide the fate. Each doll not only has its own image, but also a special character. Barbie mermaids have a different combination of eye color, hair length, strand color and bodice design.

What unites the dolls is that each of the mermaids has bright hair and beautiful outfits, with special accessories.

There are 5 dolls in Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid collection.

barbie color reveal mermaid dolls

7 surprises Barbie Color Reveal

Inside the Barbie Color Reveal cylinder you will find:

barbie color reveal mermaid doll
  • Barbie Mermaid
  • flipper
  • necklace
  • brushtail
  • sponge
  • brush
  • change of hair color.
barbie color reveal mermaid surprises

The cost of such a set – check for Amazon.

Collect the whole collection of Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid dolls, combine images and jewelry.

Do you want more? Barbie Color Reveal Set with 50+ Surprises

Barbie Color Reveal Set with 50 Surprises

If your baby has already collected the whole collection of Barbie Color Reveal Doll Mermaid, you can give her a box with 50 surprises! There is definitely a place to go for a walk. In the box there are 28 bags with surprises in them:

Barbie Color Reveal 50 Surprises

Contents Barbie Color Reveal Set 50+Surprises

  1. silver Barbie Color Reveal doll;
  2. turquoise Chelsea Color Reveal;
  3. three pets – so that the dolls have, who to take care of;
  4. 36 accessories on the theme of sleep and home affairs (pajamas, pillows, accessories for hair care, food that is comfortable to eat in bed, wig, glowing in the dark stickers).
  5. play mat

The main surprise: what dolls Barbie Color Reveal you will find.

How to play Barbie Color Reveal?

  1. Open the cylinder and take out two cylinders with Barbie and Chelsea dolls. Expand the game mat, make a cube and game characters. Every time you throw a cube, take out a surprise with the specified color and unpack it. Unpacking (journey through the board) of this Barbie Color Reveal set is very fun.
  2. Unpack the Barbie Color Reveal and Chelsea dolls, put on the parks, dress up your shoes and learn how they change color in the water.
  3. Then flip the game mat and play at a night party. Set up a tent and put the dolls on the crib, give them pillows, plaids and popcorn and make your dream party.
Barbie Color Reveal 50 Surprises unbox
Barbie Color Reveal 50 Surprises change color
Barbie Color Reveal 50 Surprises chelsea

Develop a fantasy with this game set, which has everything for a night puppet party.

This toy was received by children on hurrah. As users write, “although it is tuned to the development of fantasy, it helps the baby to tune in to sleep in the evening.

Barbie Color Reveal with 50 Surprises

Set price – check for Amazon.

And more: Barbie Color Reveal 25 Surprises

Barbie Color Reveal 25 Surprises

When Mattel started creating surprise sets, it was impossible to stop the company. Next set – Barbie Color Reveal Doll Set with 25 Surprises.

What is the Barbie Color Reveal set?

Barbie Color Reveal doll 25 Surprises

If you buy it, you will get it:

  • Barbie Color Reveal doll
  • 2 pets
  • Accessories with which you can change the doll’s appearance (two wigs, outfits and shoes).

With 25 surprises Barbie Color Reveal can play stylist and create your own doll. As with the entire Color Reveal series, the doll must first be lowered into warm water to get to know its native appearance – and then you can experiment with styles.

Проверьте как ваши куклы и питомцы меняют цвет в ледяной воде.

Barbie Color Reveal 25 Surprises pets
Barbie Color Reveal 25 Surprises change color

And a large set of secret accessories creates a great space for fantasy!

Barbie Color Reveal 25 Surprises set

Check the price of the set on Amazon.

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid Doll with 6 surprises

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid

There are 6 surprises in the box. In addition to Barbie Color Reveal doll (under the influence of warm water it will show its real look) in surprise bags – a bodice with a buckle, crown and brush.

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid dolls
Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid surprises
Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid 6 surprises

Each of the 6 dolls has a different one! Under the influence of cold water, the doll can change its appearance – add colored stripes, makeup.

Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid comb
Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid unbox

Check the price of the set on Amazon.

And a bonus: Barbie Color Reveal PET Surprise

Barbie Color Reveal PETs

This set does not contain a doll, but it will be a great addition to any of your described sets.

In it you will find one of 6 different sets with 4-5 surprises:

Barbie Color Reveal PET Surprises
  1. A pet (a cat or a puppy. May be 2 small pets);
  2. bag;
  3. 2 fashion accessories.

Such additions will expand the possibilities for playing with each of the sets.

Barbie Color Reveal PET

New unpacking experience Barbie Color Reveal Pet

The Barbie Color Reveal Pet package is not a cylinder, but a package with a heart-shaped box inside.

Dip the box in warm water, wash the paint and open all the surprises.


Check the price on Amazon

Let’s compare the sets using a table:

The presence of interactive moment and surprisesIn all of them.
Child’s age3-7 years
Presence of a dollAll except Barbie Color Reveal PET Surprise
The largest number of accessoriesBarbie Color Reveal Set with 50+ Surprises
Best PriceBarbie Color Reveal Chelsea Mermaid Doll with 6 Surprises

Instead of a resume – why should I give my baby one of Barbie Color Reveal sets?

Among the main reasons I singled out:

  • – Surprise is always a pleasure;
  • – there is an interactive moment – to see the doll, you need to bathe it in warm water;
  • – The ability to create different stories, it develops fantasy;
  • – The toys are of very high quality, made of safe materials.

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