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Barbie Color Reveal Doll – Barbie Doll with 7 surprises!

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll 4

This is a Barbie surprise doll. You do not know what kind of doll you come across, but it will definitely be bright and beautiful with a wonderful outfit! Having bought a Barbie Color Reveal doll you get 7 surprises.

Barbie Color Reveal

Unpacking Barbie dolls is also fun – pull the strip to remove the outer layer and open the transparent capsule. Inside is a mysterious pink Color Reveal doll and four sachets of surprises.

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll 3

Remove everything, and fill the capsule with warm water, then insert the doll and twist it. You will see that the water turns pink, and when you take out the Barbie doll, notice that its features are revealed!

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll 1

Each Barbie Color Reveal doll has a different combination of eye color, hair color, skin tone and swimsuit color.

And now open surprises – in them you will find a wig, a skirt, shoes and a small sponge. Dip the sponge in ice water and use it to change the doll’s face and hair — its eyes, lips and hair change color — with warm and icy water.

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll 2

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll

Your baby will be able to repeat this magic again and again! Complete the image of the Barbie doll with a skirt, shoes and a wig and play the plot.

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll 6

The outfit and looks are very modern, with cute graphics on the swimsuit of each doll; on skirts funny prints of popular colors; and shoes and wigs match fashion touches.

And the capsule can be used to store these and other favorite Barbie Color Reveal accessories. Children can collect them to combine and select accessories and expand opportunities, because when a girl plays with Barbie, she represents everything that she can become!

Barbie Color Reveal surprise doll 4

The collection of 5 dolls Barbie Color Reveal. Collect them all!

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