Barbie Color Reveal – new dolls 2021

Collectible surprise toys are very popular in the world. The process of unpacking these toys intrigues and delights children.

The most popular Barbie dolls can also be bought with a surprise unpacking. The series of surprise dolls is called Barbie Color Reveal.

What does Barbie Color Reveal mean?

Barbie Color Reveal dolls are collectible dolls hidden in a cylinder and covered in colored paint. Dip the dolls in a cylinder of water, the paint will wash off and you know what Barbie dolls you got.

Check out the collection of BarbieColor Reveal 2020 dolls released earlier in the 2020 article.

barbie color reveal remove

What you get when you buy a Barbie Color Reveal Shimmer Series doll

barbie color reveal glitter

First of all, you will be surprised by the unboxing of Barbie Color Reveal!

barbie color reveal Water Reveals

When you know which doll is inside, unpack the four surprise packets.

In addition to the joy of surprise, in the Barbie Color Reveal Shimmer Series cylinder you get:

  • Barbie doll
  • skirt
  • wig
  • shoes
  • earrings.
barbie-color reveal mystery bags

Each Barbie Color Reveal series usually has 5 dolls.

Another surprise will be to change the color of Barbie doll’s makeup and hair in cold water.

barbie color reveal color change

You can assemble the entire collection for more fun play, as well as mixing styles and outfits!

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Fairy Fashion

barbie color reveal peel

Barbie Color Reveal set with doll, pet and 16 other surprise packets:

barbie color reveal peel 25 surprises
  1. Barbie Color Reveal doll
  2. pet Color Reveal
  3. 2 Barbie doll outfits in fairy style
  4. color change surprise
  5. casket
  6. slime
  7. sequins
  8. bracelet
  9. two hangers
  10. sticker
  11. accessories for the pet and Barbie dolls.

To find out which doll and pet you got – just remove the blue film from them.

peel barbie color reveal

You will find many accessories for a fabulous transformation of Barbie and the pet.

Barbie becomes a fairy!

barbie color reveal peel doll

Create your own slime, everything you need is in the Barbie Color Reveal Peel set.

barbie color reveal peel unbox

Create a new look for Barbie dolls and pets by wetting their faces and hair with an ice-cold sponge. Watch as the doll and the pet change color!

barbie color reveal peel transform

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Unicorn Fashion

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Unicorn

The Barbie Color Reveal Peel series is a set with a doll, a pet, and over 20 surprises.

Open Barbie doll, her pet, and surprise bags of accessories to turn the doll into a unicorn

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Unicorn surprises

Unpack all the packages and create a new look for your Barbie doll.

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Unicorn Fashion
  1. doll
  2. pet
  3. two fashionable images for a unicorn doll
  4. color change function
  5. glitter and slime
  6. bracelet
  7. pendants and sticker
  8. sponge
  9. doll accessories
  10. box.

Wipe the doll’s face and hair with an ice-cold sponge, and check the color change function.

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Unicorn transform

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Mermaid Fashion

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Mermaid reveal

When you buy a Barbie Color Reveal Peel you get a Barbie Doll, a pet, accessories and jewelry for them, a bracelet, sequins and a baby slip.

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Mermaid Fashion

The process of unpacking surprises will give your child a lot of emotions, because you have to open 15 surprise packages.

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Mermaid surprises

All Barbie Color Reveal Peel dolls change color from the ice sponge.

Barbie Color Reveal Peel Mermaid transform

There are three dolls in the Barbie Color Reveal series :

  • mermaid
  • unicorn
  • Fairy

Each doll has a pet and two images! Assemble your entire doll collection for more fun, mix and match outfits!

Barbie Color Revea Peel dolls

Barbie Color Reveal Holiday Summer

In the summer of 2021, you can buy the Barbie Color Reveal beach series. The dolls will be in swimsuits, with pareos, doll accessories, shoes and a beach mat.

Barbie color reveal summer holiday

Each Barbie Color Reveal doll has a different eye color, hair color, skin tone and swimsuit print.
The doll’s hair and bodice change color in cold water. Unpack the surprise packs and get shoes, a towel and beach accessories.

Barbie Color Reveal holiday summer

Barbie Chelsea Color Reveal summer Holiday

Barbie’s Little Sisters, Beach Series will also be available for orders soon.

An interesting surprise unboxing awaits you, a doll and her beach accessories.

barbie chelsea color reveal

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