Barbie doll World

Barbie world

Barbie doll (Barbie) is a legendary toy for girls of different ages. The Mattel company released Barbie in 1959, since it is one of the most popular dolls in the world, many series, images, characters have been released. Barbie is always in trend, always fashionable and most desirable among all the girls in the world.

The doll was originally released in two versions – blonde and brunette, they were dressed in black and white swimsuits. The remaining outfits needed to buy more. The first pupae had adult features, lots of makeup. Over time, Barbie has become more like a teenager, she has a friend – Ken, a friend – Midge and sister – Skipper.

barbie ken

Over time, the images of Barbara (the full name of the doll) became more and more, her “family” also increased. There were cars, houses and other attributes of this girl.

Subsequently, the company Mattel produces Barbie different professions.

In parallel with the dolls and accessories for them, related products are being marketed: stationery, clothing. There are cartoons, starring Barbie, magazines, book series – everything is dedicated to this doll.

Over time, Barbie improves her appearance, becomes more similar to ordinary girls, her waist becomes wider, and the bust decreases. On the face more natural makeup. Barbie is always modern.

Later appear collectible Barbie. These dolls are no longer for the game, their outfits are created by famous designers and are very expensive.

Barbie loves animals very much, for the entire period of her existence she had more than forty three animals, namely twenty one dogs, twelve horses, three ponies, six seals, a panda, a lion cub, a giraffe, parrots, chimpanzees and a zebra.

Also, Barbie Oclothing is specially released – Barbie’s Barbie Clothing design for girls).

Family members and acquaintances of Barbie.

barbie family 1Sisters: Skipper, Tutti, Stacy, Shelly (Kelly), Chrissy, Chelsea.

Cousins: Francie, Jazzie.

Brother: Todd.

And now Barbie’s friends.

barbie friends

Boyfriend: Ken, and later Blaine.

Friends: Midge, Christie, Stacy, PJ, Diva, Dana, Tracy, Cara, Kelly, Steffi, Jamie, DiDi, Whitney, Miko, Bopsi, Belinda, Becky, Teresa, Shaney, Tara Lin, Nia, Kira , Divon, Nikki, Kayla, Becky, Ana, Chelsea, Lara, Michel, Tori.

Of course, more popular dolls appear, but Barbie is a legend, a classic, every girl should have it. Barbie keeps up with the times, she remains a fashionable and desirable doll.

Barbie’s world is huge, then we will tell you more about Barbie’s series and characters.

barbie history

In the 1960s, the most significant releases of the pupae were:

  • 1959 Ponytail Barbie
  • 1961 First-Ever Ken
  • 1961 Bubble Cut Barbie
  • 1963 Fashion Queen Barbie
  • 1963 First-Ever Skipper
  • 1963 First-Ever Midge
  • 1963 First-Ever Allan
  • 1963 Dressed Box Barbie
  • 1964 Miss Barbie
  • 1964 Swirl Ponytail Barbie
  • 1965 Lifelike Bendable Legs Barbie
  • 1965 Ricky
  • 1965 Skooter
  • 1966 Color Magic Barbie
  • 1966 Francie
  • 1966 Tutti & Tod
  • 1967 Twist’N’Turn Barbie
  • 1968 Talking Barbie

In the 1970-s:

  • 1970 Dramatic New Living Barbie
  • 1971 Live Action Barbie
  • 1971 The Sun Set Malibu Barbie
  • 1972 Busy Barbie
  • 1972 Walk Lively Barbie
  • 1973 Quick Curl Barbie
  • 1973 Mod Hair Ken
  • 1975 Gold Medal Barbie
  • 1975 Hawaiian Barbie
  • 1975 Funtime Barbie
  • 1976 Ballerina Barbie
  • 1976 Malibu Barbie
  • 1977 SuperStar Barbie
  • 1978 Fashion Photo Barbie
  • 1979 Sun Lovin’ Barbie

Un the 1980-s:

  • 1980 Beauty Secret Barbie
  • 1980 Sport & Shave Ken
  • 1980 Black/Ebony Barbie
  • 1980 Parisian Barbie
  • 1981 Golden Dream Barbie
  • 1981 Western Barbie
  • 1981 Roller Skating Barbie
  • 1981 My First Barbie
  • 1982 Pink & Pretty Barbie
  • 1982 Magic Curl Barbie
  • 1982 Fashion Jeans Barbie
  • 1982 Sunsational Malibu Barbie
  • 1983 Dream Date Barbie
  • 1983 Angel Face Barbie
  • 1983 Horsw Lovin’ Barbie
  • 1984 Crystal Barbie
  • 1984 Loving You Barbie
  • 1984 Great Shape Barbie
  • 1984 Sun Gold Malibu Barbie
  • 1985 Peaches’n Cream Barbie
  • 1985 Day-to-Night Barbie
  • 1985 The Heart Family
  • 1986 Astronaut Barbie
  • 1986 Magic Moves Barbie
  • 1986 Barbie & The Rockers
  • 1986 Tropical Barbie
  • 1986 Fabulous Fur Barbie
  • 1987 Jewel Secrets Barbie
  • 1988 Parfume Pretty Barbie
  • 1988 Island Fun Barbie
  • 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie
  • 1989 SuperStar Barbie
  • 1989 Dancing Club Barbie
  • 1989 Animal Lovin’ Barbie
  • 1989 Cool Times Barbie
  • 1989 High School Jazzie
  • 1989 UNICEF Barbie
  • 1989 Army Barbie

In the 1990s, the following series were released:

  • 1990 All Stars Barbie
  • 1990 Dance Magic Barbie
  • 1990 Flight Time Barbie
  • 1990 Western Fun Barbie
  • 1991 Happy Birthday Barbie
  • 1991 United Colours of Benetton Barbie
  • 1991 Wedding Party Midge
  • 1991 Totally Hair Barbie
  • 1992 Sparkle Eyes Barbie
  • 1992 Mermaid Barbie
  • 1992 Rollerblade Barbie
  • 1992 Hollywood Hair Barbie
  • 1992 Sun Sensation Barbie
  • 1992 Teen Talk Barbie
  • 1992 Barbie for President
  • 1993 Glitter Hair Barbie
  • 1994 Cut and Style Barbie
  • 1998 Generation Girl Barbie
  • 1999 Sleeping Beauty Barbie
  • 1999 Butterfly Art Barbie
  • 1999 Totally YoYo Barbie
  • 1999 Florida Vacation Barbie


  • 2000 Glam’n Groom Barbie
  • 2000 Hawaii Barbie & Friends
  • 2000 Pajama Fun Barbie
  • 2000 Rainbow Princess Barbie
  • 2001 Barbie in The Nutracker
  • 2001 Jam’n Glam Barbie
  • 2001 Jewel Girl Barbie
  • 2001 Surf City Barbie
  • 2002 Amazing Nails Barbie
  • 2002 Palm Beach Barbie
  • 2002 Barbie as Rapunzel
  • 2003 Barbie of Swan Lake
  • 2003 Rio de Janeiro Barbie
  • 2003 Fairytopia Barbie
  • 2003 Happy Family Barbie
  • 2004 Barbie as The Princess & the Pauper
  • 2004 Cali Girl Barbie
  • 2004 Barbie Fashion Fever
  • 2005 Barbie & the Magic of Pegasus
  • 2005 American Idol Barbie
  • 2006 Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses
  • 2006 The Barbie Diaries
  • 2006 Beach Fun Barbie
  • 2007 Barbie & The Island Princess
  • 2007 Beach Glam Barbie
  • 2008 Barbie Mariposa
  • 2008 Barbie & The Diamond Castle
  • 2008 Barbie & Me
  • 2008 Surf’s-Up Beach Barbie
  • 2009 Beach Party
  • 2009 Barbie & The Three Musketeers
  • 2009 Barbie Fashionistas


  • 2010 Barbie Video Girl
  • 2014 Barbie Style
  • 2014 Barbie in Princess Power
  • 2014 Barbie and the Secret Door
  • 2015 Barbie Fairytale
  • 2015 Barbie in Rock’N Royals
  • 2015 Hello Barbie
  • 2015 Barbie Fun in the Sun
  • 2015 Made to Move Barbie
  • 2015 Hello Barbie
  • 2016 Star Light Adventure Barbie
  • 2017 Barbie: Video Game Hero


The first Barbie dolls were with the perfect figure, unreal for people. In time, the bodies of the Barbie doll will change, become more like the figure of a real person. There are new types of bodies: full, miniature, tall and remain perfect. In English, three new types of bodies are called “petite,” “tall” and “curvy.”

Three new types of doll bodies (in addition to the original – the ideal), as well as seven new skin tones (skins) present the doll even more realistic than before. The motto of this event is: “Maybe now we finally stop talking about my body?”

barbie original

barbie new dolls

At the moment there are such series, models of Barbie dolls for sale:

1. Barbie Fashionistas.

barbie Fashionistas

The main feature of Barbie Fashionistas is their articulation. There are even hinges on the hands, thanks to which the doll is very mobile and can take on the most natural postures.

The dolls were released in 2009, there are boys in the Fashionistas collection.

Each Barbie® Fashionistas ™ doll has its own look and style – from casual to super sports, all outfits follow the latest trends. Dolls are endowed with a large number of variety of style, outfits for different occasions, a lot of fashion accessories. All this gives a greater field for the game, various options and plots for games. Dolls are issued under the numbers and in a separate article we consider each of the dolls.

barbie Fashionistas doll 1 barbie Fashionistas doll

  1. On the official Barbie website, another series of dolls is presented – Barbie® Made to Move ™ Dol (created for movement).

    Barbie is always on the move, and now she can move more than ever! With ultra-flexible Barbie Made to Move dolls, the child can be anyone. A fascinating game is endless when a Barbie® doll can do the same thing as you! With Barbie, you can do anything – from riding a bike, finishing playing the guitar, doing gymnastic stunts and sitting cross-legged like a yogi. Each doll has 22 “joints” – in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees and ankles – for greater flexibility and an incredible range of motion!

barbie made to move 1 barbie made to move

Always fashionable, Barbie Made to Move Doll wears outfits appropriate to her sport, activities.


  1. Signature Dolls – Dolls – type images (doubles).

    barbie signature 1 barbie signature 2 barbie signatureThey occupy a separate section on the Barbie website and are doubles of famous movie characters or real people. These are more collectible dolls, not for play.

4. CareerDolls 

Barbie CareerDolls

With these Barbie dolls you will plunge into the world of professions. Each doll is produced with related accessories for a full-fledged interesting game. A lot of stories provided by the manufacturer.

Barbie CareerDolls doctor Barbie CareerDolls musician

5. Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia

This is a collection of dolls and pets from the wizarding world that Barbie’s sister Chelsea dreams about. Merry Barbie mermaids with glowing tails, iridescent Barbie fairies with iridescent wings, unicorns and other animals – all residents of the bright magic country will delight you with quality performance and interesting accessories.

Join Barbie, Chelsea and their Honey puppy, travel through the rainbow rivers, fly through soft and fluffy cotton clouds with fairies, meet beautiful mermaids, fly through soft and fluffy cotton clouds with fairies. This world is Wonderful!

Barbie Dreamtopia doll 1 Barbie Dreamtopia doll

In the world of Barbie Dreamtopia, there are several countries-worlds, islands in the clouds, they have different names. The main world is called Rainbow Cove (Rainbow Roof – Rainbow Cove), there is also the world of Endless Hair Kingdom (Endless Hair Kingdom – Luxurious Hair), Sweetville (Sweetville – the world of sweet teeth), and Sparkle Mountain (Sparkling Mountain). Choose which world you will plunge into first!

6. Club Chelsea

Barbie ChelseaWorld

Chelsea is full of fun and curiosity! Join Chelsea, her friends and her beloved pets, see how they present new worlds and adventures. Your baby will want to collect them all.

Barbie Chelsea scate

7. Sisters and pets

barbie SistersPets

Barbie, Skipper, Stacy and Chelsea are not only sisters, they are best friends! And with all their pets, they fill everything around with their love.

barbie pups barbie SistersPets skipper

  1. Barbie Ken Dolls

Barbie KenDolls

Ken, a friend of Barbie, devoted a whole subsection of the site. You will find a Barbie boy for every taste (any build, skin and hair color), each boy has his own style, character.

barbie ken galaxy barbie ken fashionists

Also, for Barbie, dream houses, country houses, all types of transport, wardrobe rooms, many collections of clothes, shoes and other accessories were released.

On our site you will find more detailed information about Barbie dolls. Follow our news and keep up with the events of the world of dolls!

barbie dreamhouse playsetMore info about Barbie House you can read here.



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