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Plane for Barbie doll – Barbie Dream plane

barbie dreamplane 1

This year, Mattel delights fans of Barbie dolls with a new vehicle for it.

On our site there are already articles about the caravan (Camping) for Barbie.

And in this article we want to talk about a big plane for Barbie – Barbie Dream plane.

barbie dreamplane 4

Open the roof of the Barbie plane and you will see seats for two dolls, a compartment for hand luggage, a ramp and a cockpit.

Armchairs are laid out for long flights.

With the airplane in the kit, there are many accessories; Barbie dolls are sold separately.

barbie dreamplane 7

The stickers included in the kit make the Barbie airplane realistic, such as a TV screen.

barbie dreamplane 6

There are many accessories with the plane:

  • stickers
  • Barbie’s passport
  • food coasters
  • headphones
  • sleep masks
  • bottles, cups and snacks and a bone for a dog
  • suitcase
  • 2 plaids
  • food trolley
  • handbag
  • barbie puppy
  • 2 tables.

barbie dreamplane 5



barbie dreamplane 3

barbie dreamplane 2

This Barbie plane has everything for the development of fantasy and fun games!

Your baby will be happy. Many options for playing with Barbie.

Toy airplane on wheels.

barbie dreamplane 10

barbie dreamplane

barbie dreamplane 8


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