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Barbie DreamHouse

barbie dreamhouse playset

barbie dreamhouse playset

Now we will talk about a new improved version of the Barbie dollhouse. The manufacturer says that this is an improved series of the previous huge Barbie house. The three-story puppet mansion is really big, its height is 90 centimeters, and its width is 120 cm. The eight rooms on three floors are impressive.

barbie dreamhouse playset

barbie dreamhouse playset

In the house for a Barbie doll even more interactive features, more light, sounds, furniture – transformer! For your child it will be the most exciting gift, with a house a huge amount of ideas for games. Your Barbie doll will be able to invite your friends, arrange a barbecue party or a pool party. Guests can stay overnight, rooms will be enough for everyone. In addition to friends, Barbie, of course, will house his family, Ken, younger sisters or children, and there is also room for Barbie’s pet. Moving through the floors takes place with a working elevator, designed for four dolls.

barbie house room

For the car or moped Barbie doll or her guests have a carport. And now it’s convenient to work at home, because there is an equipped office in Barbie’s mansion. If more about the rooms of the house, then we start with the fact that each is made in a modern style, with a lot of accessories, made realistic and high quality.

barbie house accessorises

The bedroom on the third floor is equipped with a dressing room, a comfortable bed for a doll, a stylish chandelier and a plasma TV.

barbie dreamhouse playset room

The bedroom is bordered by the office, which, in turn, can be made to relax with a fireplace.

barbie dreamhouse playset room barbie house

The main feature of the Barbie house is, of course, a swimming pool with a slide. This is just a dream not only of Barbie dolls, but also of all the people on the planet! Fill the pool with water and have fun ahead!

barbie dreamhouse playset

On the second floor living room with a sofa, which is transformed into a bunk bed.

barbie house barbie house room sofa

And the dressing table turns into an extra bed for guests.

Next to the living room is a bathroom.

barbie dreamhouse playset bath

The bathroom is also interactive. You can hear the flushing noise in the toilet by pressing the button on the cistern.

barbie dreamhouse playset bath

Instead of a bath, dolls bathe in the pool. On the ground floor kitchen with dining room. There are a lot of interactive accessories and equipment in these rooms.

barbie house kitchen barbie dreamhouse playset kitchen barbie dreamhouse playset kitchen barbie dreamhouse playset kitchen barbie dreamhouse playset kitchen barbie house

Light and sounds add realistic touches and stimulate role-playing: put the pan on the stove and press for a hissing sound; do the same with a whistling kettle; open the oven door to light it up; turn on the oven tick timer; The kitchen sink performs a double function: one side with barbecue and shelves, and the other with an oven and a garbage can; and the back of the refrigerator is an outdoor stand. The Barbie house is packed in a cardboard box and a photo of the house.

barbie dreamhouse playset box

barbie dreamhouse box

Barbie DreamHouse is a great role-playing house with Barbie dolls.

For the price and concept, these two doll houses are the same. The latest version is a bit more interactive and a bit more accessories, one room more than in the previous house. Which one do you like more?

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