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Barbie Dreamhouse

We offer you to plunge into the magical world of Barbie, namely in her dream house! Now we will tell you more about this Barbie house and you will realize that you urgently need him. This is a huge three-story mansion, consisting of seven rooms, a garage, a working elevator and a swimming pool. Barbie DreamHouse Playset is a toy with more than 70 accessories.

barbie dreamhouse

barbie dreamhouse

Now the options for games are infinite, your child will spend a lot of time playing independently. Although we are sure that many parents will not refuse to play with this house! In Barbie Dreamhouse, you can just spend an ordinary day, and you can have parties for dolls! After all, in addition to the space of the house itself, there is also a pool!

barbie dreamhouse pool barbie dreamhouse pool

The built-in garage has an opening door. This is the perfect place to park a Barbie doll car (sold separately) or to use the garage as a bonus room.

barbie dreamhouse

barbie dreamhouse car

In the garage, a beautiful atrium window, where the Barbie doll (sold separately) can look at the stunning Malibu sunsets, but you should knock over the window and it turns into a pool, perfect for a cheerful water party for Barbie doll and her friends! The classic rooms are decorated in a contemporary style with the use of branded fashionable designs and Barbie details.

barbie dreamhouse barbie dreamhouse 2 room barbie dreamhouse kitchen barbie dreamhouse kitchen barbie house

With the help of a new interactive technology Barbie house, you can play with light, sound and even movement around the house. Smart furniture, which on the one hand is designed to look like a wardrobe for a living room or a kitchenette, and on the other hand, a washbasin for a bathroom magically recognizes the included smart accessories that activate various light sources, sounds and movements to play was more real (batteries not included). Click on the fan to set the blades in motion, or set the grate on the stove to light the fire and hear the hissing sound, and the fish in the aquarium float, they also glow and you can hear the sound of bubbles in the aquarium.

Barbie Dreamhouse

barbie dreamhouse acсessorise barbie dreamhouse accessorises barbie dreamhouse accessorises barbie dreamhouse accessorises

The bathroom in the Barbie house is perfect, the sink with bubbles lights up and the sound of a toothbrush and water in the faucet is emitted, and the toilet makes a flush sound.

barbie dreamhouse accessorises

barbie dreamhouse furniture

Entrance to the house for Barbie is through the front door, the size of Barbie dolls. At the entrance Barbie will see the mail, the envelopes will be waiting for her. In the kitchen you can cook food. The whole kitchen, food and dishes are very realistic. On the second floor, Barbie dines in a stylish dining room at a modern table for two. Even on the second floor there is a separate room for her pets. On the third floor there is a beautiful bedroom with a romantic pink bed and a canopy, a dressing room where the Barbie doll can try on and keep her amazing outfits, and also a mirror.

Gorgeous living room with a special twist – put your own smartphone (not included) on the flat-screen TV and let Barbie get comfortable on the sofa with a movie or video that your phone broadcasts. The Barbie doll and her guests can move around the house in the elevator. Dolls, pets and a car are sold separately. The manufacturer claims that colors and decorations may differ from the photo. Barbie’s house comes in a regular brown cardboard box with the Barbie logo and the words Barbie DreamHouse Playset.

barbie dreamhouse box

barbie dreamhouse buy

In assembling the Barbie house is likely to need the help of adults. Already even behind this occupation you will have a great time with your child! And then be sure to want to play with your child!

barbie dreamhouse

Have fun games, and we offer to see a similar huge cottage for L.O.L. Surprise! and write to us in the comments which doll house is still the most beautiful and interesting!

Barbie Dreamhouse


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