Barbie Extra Dolls – new series fashion dolls

barbie extra dolls BARBIE

Get to know the new Barbie Extra dolls combined with fashionable outfits, accessories and pets.

Who are the Barbie Extra?

Barbie Extra

The company Mattel follows the trends and created fashionable dolls Barbie Extra.

  1. Bold fashion dolls. Bright extravagant outfits and hairstyles. Stylish modern images of dolls will not leave your child indifferent.
  2. Fashion accessories. Each doll includes 15 bright accessories.
  3. Cute pets of dolls Barbie Extra. Each doll has its own pet except for outfits and accessories. Pets have their own style and jewelry.
  4. Each doll Barbie Extra with different facial expressions, hairstyles, figures. Legs and arms are completely bent in the joints, moving. You can take cool pictures giving the dolls different poses.
Barbie Extra accessories and pets

5 dolls in Barbie Extra collection

Dolls Barbie Extra differ in numbers on the package.

Barbie Extra #1

Barbie Extra Doll #1

Brunette with afro-poofs with braids in a fur rainbow jacket, legions and top with the inscription LOVE.

Barbie Extra has 15 accessories and a pet:

  • poodle
  • Shine Bright sunglasses
  • poodle bag
  • poodle clips
  • poodle glasses
  • earrings
  • golden chain
  • gaiters
  • silver boots
  • pink poodle shoes
  • outfit
  • cloud clutch
  • silver sparkling stars
Barbie Extra Dolls - new series fashion dolls
Barbie Extra Doll #1 pet

Doll Barbie Extra #1 will give your child a lot of fun and interesting games.

Barbie Extra play Doll
Barbie Extra Dolls - new series fashion dolls

Barbie Extra Doll #2

Barbie Extra Doll 2

Doll Barbie Extra 2 is more lush than the original body, and her hair – pink and purple very long – 8.5 inches!

The outfit is also pink and blue, with white netting tights and white sneakers on the legs.

Barbie Extra Doll № 2

Doll Accessories Barbie Extra 2:

  1. neon green hat
  2. two bracelets
  3. earrings
  4. white necklaces
  5. glasses
  6. purse in the form of a gemstone.
Barbie Extra Doll 2 accessories
Barbie Extra Dolls - new series fashion dolls
Barbie Extra Dolls - new series fashion dolls

The home pet is a puppy, very cute with a fashion accessory.

Barbie Extra Doll #3

Barbie Extra Doll 3

Bright blonde in pink fur jacket, silver top and jeans.

Barbie Extra Doll № 3

Fashion accessories (necklaces, hairpins, earrings, glasses and handbag).

Barbie Extra Doll 3 accessories

Pet Barbie Extra #3 – unicorn.

Barbie Extra Doll 3 pet
Barbie Extra Dolls - new series fashion dolls

Barbie Extra Doll #4

Figure skater doll Barbie Extra 4 with blue curly hair and fashionable hairstyle.

Barbie Extra Doll 4

She is an athlete with a skateboard, glasses, headphones, and a belt pouch. Watches, bracelets and earrings complement the vibrant image of Barbie.

Pets at Barbie Extra 4 – two kittens in crowns.

Barbie Extra Doll №4
Barbie Extra Doll skateboard
Barbie Extra Doll pet
Barbie Extra Dolls - new series fashion dolls

Barbie Extra Doll #5

The most beautiful with a stylish Barbie with iris hair.

Barbie Extra Doll 5

Beautiful massive jewelry, fashion glasses and handbag make Barbie Extra 5 an incredible beauty!

Barbie Extra Doll 5 accessories

Her pet puppy has its own pink car.

Barbie Extra Doll 5 car for pet

Collect a collection of dolls Barbie Extra for fun game, mix and combine outfits and accessories!

Which Barbie Extra doll did you like more?

By the way, on our site a lot of information about all the new fashion dolls. For example, already available for orderNaNaNa Sparkle series.


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