Barbie Extra Exclusive Doll & Vanity Playset

Barbie Extra Doll Vanity Playset BARBIE

Barbie Extra dolls are ultra fashionable dolls, now in a playset with Vanity, a puppy and more than 45 items to play with.

Barbie Extra Doll & Vanity Playset is a toy gift for children 3 years and older.

  • When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra dolls adhere to the principle of “more is more”, and this dressing table is the perfect place to bring to life a UNIQUE fashion image!
  • The set of toiletries includes an exclusive Barbie Extra doll with long purple hair and 45+ play items, including a puppy, a salon chair for ice cream sandwiches, a clothes hanger on wheels, a wig on a mannequin, branded hangers, clothes and many accessories. !
  • The dressing table, decorated in bright colors, has shelves and storage space for accessories, as well as a work mirror with light bulbs that light up pink when children click on the Barbie Extra logo!
  • The clothes hanger on wheels really rolls and comes with barbie Extra logo hangers for the included outfits – a neon fluffy coat, matching plaid top and bottom, top with ruffles, top with snakeskin print – so kids can create different looks.
  • Rotate the head of the dressing table – it rotates 360 degrees and holds hair and styling accessories such as colorful hair extensions, sunglasses and jewelry.
Barbie Extra Exclusive Doll & Vanity Playset

Playset with exclusive Barbie Extra doll and dressing table – a great gift for a girl! Lots of accessories for more fun and a luxurious doll!

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Barbie Extra Exclusive Doll & Vanity Playset

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