Barbie Extra Vehicle – car for dolls

Barbie Extra Vehicle BARBIE

Now the fashionable Barbie Extra dolls have a fashionable car!

Silver car – two-seater convertible for barbie extra dolls (not included).

Barbie Extra Vehicle

Check out the style of barbie extra doll car

The doors of the car are in the form of wings and open upwards! The body is silver, and the interior is pink, with fur seats! The wheels of the Car Barbie Extra are multi-colored and spin like real.

Built-in navigator, mirrors and windshield, like real – for a fun game. The license plate of the car is Barbie Extra.

What’s included with the Barbie Extra?

Barbie Extra car playset

You get the Barbie Extra Vehicle Game Pack:

  • machine
  • rainbow top
  • shoes
  • glasses
  • hanger
  • pool mattress
  • corgi puppy.

At the back of the car is a pool for the puppy. Open the hood of the car and place a hanger with a top, take with you all the necessary things.

Barbie Extra Vehicle features

When it’s time to change outfits, open the hood and discover a retractable clothes rack on which to store the included fashion items such as a rainbow top and a pair of shoes!

You can buy Barbie Extra Vehicle as early as Christmas in November 2021!


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