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All lovers of Barbie dolls and the cartoon “Toy Story 4” is dedicated!
What is your favorite heroine of this cartoon? Bo Peep, Jessie?
Barbie Toy story 4 is very bright and cute!
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Fans of Barbie and Toy Story 4 will love to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie and present their own scenes with the Barbie doll Toy Story 4.

toy story 4 barbie doll

Barbie Toy Story 4 doll wears blue spandex, pink sneakers and leggings with multi-colored stripes.
 Barbie Toy Story 4 doll with 11 points of articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees.
 This real doll is the perfect gift for Barbie and Toy Story 4 fans aged 6 years and older.

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barbie toy story 4

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