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Barbie Malibu House

barbie house malibu 1

If you want to buy a small but functional house for Barbie, then a two-story Barbie Malibu house is perfect for you.

On two floors of this sweet home there are 6 rooms (living room, kitchen, dining-bar, bedroom, bathroom) and more than 25 accessories.

barbie house malibu

Barbie’s house is portable, easy to fold and unfold. The doors open, turning the living room into an entertainment room (cinema), and the roof of the house Barbie turns into a bunk bed. Thus it turns out 4 berths for Barbie dolls. The bathroom turns into a spa.

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barbie house malibu 3
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Refrigerator and oven open.
The design of the house is made in the traditional colors of Barbie.

In the photo below, accessories and furniture that will fill Barbie’s house with comfort.
In the house for Barbie Malibu you will find – two tables, four chairs, a sofa, a bar counter, a set of dishes with food and kitchen appliances, a clothes tremp, a hairbrush, a hairdryer, a foot bath, a rug and a towel in the bathroom.

barbie house malibu 2

In this small, but functional folding house for Barbie, you will find everything you need for a fun game for your daughter. This is a wonderful gift for any occasion for a girl.

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