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Barbie Mermaid Dolls

  1. Barbie Mermaid Dreamtopia 

Dreamtopia series is fabulous, vibrant and magical. Especially beautiful are the Barbie mermaids from the Dreamtopia series.

barbie mermaid dreamtopia


  • Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid wears a unique outfit with a colorful bodice and tail adorned with pink, white and silver gemstones.
  • Long pink hair with a white hat completes the fantastic look.
  • The waist of the doll bends, so children can imagine that it is “floating” in the sea, or sit, flickering in the sun!

Dream with Barbie!

You can be anything with Barbie!

Your baby’s fantasy can play all kinds of stories with Barbie mermaid dolls. Collect all the Dreamtopia dolls and toys to build a magical world. Create new fairy tales, explore new lands and go along with Chelsea and older sister Barbie to magical lands where adventures do not stop and the imagination soars!

barbie mermaid dreamtopia 1

barbie mermaid dreamtopia 2

Each mermaid doll from the Dreamtopia series has a colorful bodice and tail with fantastic jewelry on the subject of sweets, gems or rainbows. A suitable tiara completes the image with another bright burst. The tails that bend at the waist allow children to tell all kinds of stories: “swim” in the sea or sit and shimmer in the sun. Play and dream because when you immerse yourself in Dreamtopia with the sisters Barbie and Chelsea, you wake up in a world where dreams become reality!

There are even mermaid guys

Barbie Merman Dreamtopia

2. Barbie Dreamtopia with a luminous tail

Just press on the sides of Barbie’s hips and her transparent tail will begin to glow with multi-colored lights. Submerge Barbie in the water and she will swim, wagging her tail and sparkling with lights.

3. The younger sister – the little mermaid Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove – will complement and diversify your game.

4. Barbie Crayola The Little Mermaid – create your own image for your Barbie. A set of Barbie dolls with Crayol’s washable felt-tip pens.

5.Barbie transformer

Turn a Barbie doll into a Barbie mermaid by simply pulling her sundress down – it turns into a tail. Barbie is ready to dive into the ocean playing with a dolphin. And in the water, Barbie’s doll changes color. Her bodice and tail change color in warm water from sparkling purple to blue.

6. Well, the most chic collectible Barbie doll is a mermaid – Enchantress Doll. She is incredible, all in precious stones, and her tail is rhinestones and sequins. She’s gorgeous!

barbie mermaid dreamtopia 26

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