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Barbie Puma – Collectible Dolls

barbie puma doll 2

Especially for the 50th anniversary of the Puma brand, Mattel and Puma merged to create suede sneakers with the Barbie logo.

barbie puma 1 barbie puma 2

Puma suede sneakers have long won love all over the world, and now Mattel has released two collectible dolls with the Puma logo.

barbie puma doll barbie puma doll 6

Dolls of two kinds: fair-skinned and dark-skinned. Wearing a mesh top with a Barbie logo and a panther, oversized jacket and white leggings with a Puma logo. And of course, the Puma sneakers themselves, just not suede but made of plastic. Of accessories – golden earrings and panther ring. And in the eyes – sunglasses. Hinged dolls and you can give them any gesture. Gorgeous hair is tucked away in a hairstyle – a tail and two braids.

Dolls are great, they cost $ 50.

barbie puma doll 1 barbie puma doll 2 barbie puma doll 3 barbie puma doll 4 barbie puma doll 5 barbie puma doll 7 barbie puma doll 8

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