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Barbie Puma – Collectible Dolls

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Especially for the 50th anniversary of the Puma brand, Mattel and Puma merged to create suede sneakers with the Barbie logo.

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Puma suede sneakers have long won love all over the world, and now Mattel has released two collectible dolls with the Puma logo.

barbie puma doll barbie puma doll 6

Dolls of two kinds: fair-skinned and dark-skinned. Wearing a mesh top with a Barbie logo and a panther, oversized jacket and white leggings with a Puma logo. And of course, the Puma sneakers themselves, just not suede but made of plastic. Of accessories – golden earrings and panther ring. And in the eyes – sunglasses. Hinged dolls and you can give them any gesture. Gorgeous hair is tucked away in a hairstyle – a tail and two braids.

Dolls are great, they cost $ 50.

barbie puma doll 1 barbie puma doll 2 barbie puma doll 3 barbie puma doll 4 barbie puma doll 5 barbie puma doll 7 barbie puma doll 8

  1. I know that dolls are for everyone and how they dress but there need to be clothes that are modest i see dolls wearing dresses and skirts but there needs to be more dolls like that.There are to many dolls wearing pants and shorts and belly shirts gods rules say that we need to dress modest and even though there dolls it needs to be like that to.

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