Barbie Ultimate Color Reveal Doll – Scent Surprise

Barbie scent surprise Strawberry

Meet the Barbie Reveal Scent Surprise Dolls on June 1, 2021.

The theme of fruit in summer is especially interesting! Barbie dolls, fruit, surprises – make your child happy at the beginning of the beach season. The Barbie Dolls fan gift set is 25 surprises with sensory play!

What do you get in Barbie Reveal Scent Surprise?

barbie strawberry 25 surprises

25 Surprises Barbie Color Reveal:

  • Barbie doll. Open the Barbie Color Reveal cylinder and after bathing you will know which doll you got.
  • A bathtub in the shape of a fruit (pineapple, strawberry or watermelon).
  • two outfits
  • hair extensions
  • beach accessories (a sun umbrella, sandpit, kinetic sand)
  • bracelet for your child
  • bracelet charm
  • purse
  • stereo
  • sponge
  • Foaming Liquid.
barbie strawberry surprise

How to play with Barbie Color Reveal Scent Surprise?

Barbie scent surprise Strawberry mfoam

Pour the solution from the surprise package into the cylinder, shake until foam forms, pour the foam into the tub in the form of a fruit and immerse your doll in it! After the bath, you’ll know which Barbie you got.
Use the tub for your doll’s bubble bath – it’s not disposable.
Then unpack two fashionable outfits for the Barbie doll, dress her up in an outfit, shoes and decorate the image with accessories.
Sensory play awaits you: kinetic sand in the set!

Barbie doll changes color in cold water!

Barbie scent surprise Strawberry doll

Three fruit themes Barbie Color Reveal:

Pineapple Scent Surprise

barbie color reveal scented pineapple
barbie reveal scented pineapple
barbie scented pineapple surprises
barbie color reveal scented pineapple bracelet
barbie scented pineapple
barbie reveal scented pineapple unboxing

Watermelon Scent Surprise

barbie reveal scented watermellon

Strawberry Scent Surprise

Barbie scent surprise Strawberry
barbie strawberry surprise
barbie strawberry surprise sharm

Each doll with a different combination of hair, skin color and swimsuit color.
Keep the doll in its cylinder after play.
Mix and match outfits and accessories for fun play!

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