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Barbie Doll House is the most coveted toy for all the girls in the world!
If you like Barbie dolls and similar dolls (Monster High, Brats, LOL Surprise OMG, Steffi, Disney Princess dolls), then, regardless of their number in your collection, a house for Barbie dolls will become an indispensable thing in your home.
Your baby just needs space to play life stories or fictional stories with Barbie dolls.
And if you have Barbie and Ken in your collection, as well as Barbie’s little sisters, here are even more stories that you can create in a Barbie house.
Any of the Barbie houses from Mattel will suit any dolls no higher than 13 in, and there are enough of these on sale.
Barbie’s house is not a cheap pleasure, but Mattel has created house options for every budget.
There are huge three-story houses of Barbie and also, on sale are several options for portable folding houses for Barbie dolls with many accessories and furniture elements.
We will briefly list the types of houses for Barbie, and you follow the link and read more about them.

  1. The most chic house for Barbie is a three-story mansion, which is called Barbie Dreamhouse.

    This is a three-story house with 8 rooms, furniture and accessories. It has sound and lighting effects. Your daughter will be able to change the design of the room, rearranging furniture, playing out the life stories of Barbie, Ken and their friends. This Barbie house has a pool and a water slide. for parties. And there’s a working elevator in Barbie’s dream house that can transport four dolls!
    The price of this house, of course, is high, but if you can afford it, then buy, it will live up to your expectations and make your child the happiest!
    barbie dreamhouse playset

    Barbie House Dimensions  40 х 15,5 х 46 inches
    Barbie house Weight 4 pounds
    Shiping weight 24,9 pounds
    Batteries 4 AAA batteries required.
    Manufacturer recommended age 3-7 years

2. Another huge Barbie house called Barbie Dreamhouse will win your hearts and deserves attention.

This three-story interactive house, with a garage for Barbie’s car, a working elevator, a swimming pool and seven rooms will be a wonderful gift for your baby. With this Barbie house, she will be able to bring to life many stories with Barbie and her friends. The lights and sounds in this Barbie house make the game realistic.
Bright design, detailed accessories and furniture make this doll house the best toy for fans of Barbie dolls.
barbie dreamhouse

Barbie House Dimensions  8,5 х 29,8 х 29,8 inches
Barbie house Weight 21,8 pounds
Shiping weight 25,8 pounds
Batteries 3 AAA batteries required.
Manufacturer recommended age 3-7 years

3. Two-story Barbie house – Barbie beach house.

This house is not as expensive as a three-story, but no less beautiful and beautiful.

On two floors there are 4 rooms (a living room with a spiral staircase, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen). In this house, Barbie has enough furniture and many accessories for a fun and interesting game.

barbie house 1

Barbie House Dimensions  20 х 5 х 12,8 inches
Barbie house Weight 5,8 pounds
Shiping weight 5,8 pounds
Batteries not required
Manufacturer recommended age 3-12 years

4. Now about portable Barbie houses. The largest portable house for Barbie – Three-story townhouse.

Two floors, four rooms and a rooftop lounge, all with realistic accessories and furniture, make the Barbie doll house luxurious.
barbie 3 story townhouse

5. One-story portable Barbie houses are of several types.

But they differ only in design and several elements of furniture, accessories. But each Barbie house consists of a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (or shower) and toilet. In addition to furniture, you get a lot of accessories with the house – dishes, cosmetics, sets for the bathroom, bedding, etc.

Barbie Glam Getaway House

Barbie glam house

Portable house for Barbie with a doll, furniture and accessories, plus a pool!

barbie doll house

House Dimensions 5.2 x 11.7 x 18.3 inches
Barbie house Weight 3.52 ounces
Shipping Weight 4.03 pounds
Batteries no required
Manufacturer recommended age 3-7 years Protection Status