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melissam & doug jenna

The mission of toys is to teach the child something and contribute to his development. During the game with a navel baby learns to care for him, shows care for his new friend or girlfriend. But the main thing is that in the form of a game he understands the importance of discipline and the simplest everyday activities that he himself sometimes does not want to do: brush your teeth, walk, eat when they say, change clothes and go to bed. Baby dolls are taught to love little ones – and this will then be passed on to younger brothers and sisters.

Baby dolls are toys for children from 2 to 5 years. It is at this age, for a child is very important story and role-playing games, and the baby – a classic story “daughter-mother” (or “sons-fathers”). Therefore, buy your child a paunch is highly recommended. But what to choose – we hope our review will help you.

Children’s dolls can be made of plastic, vinyl, soft. Also dolls are divided into interactive and without functions.

Thanks to our review of Baby dolls you will choose a doll navel to your liking, because even the expression, eye and hair color are important when choosing a doll.

There are a lot of Baby dolls, but we have tried to tell you about the 12 most interesting and beautiful baby dolls.

La Newborn Nursery 8 Piece Layette Baby Doll.

These are realistic newborn babies.

Dolls from Spanish brand JC Toys, developed by a team of talented designers BERENGUER, amaze with their realism. Let’s start with trumps – they are handmade. Each wrinkle of the baby’s face and body is reproduced with photographic precision. Even more: these nappies can repeat the yawn, the cry of a real baby. Their handles and legs can move. Made of vinyl is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and odourless material. It is very pleasant (soft and smooth) to the touch, so the doll can be bathed – kids from 2 years old can take it to the bath.

The set includes accessories – they differ depending on the model: it is clothing, bottle, pacifier, rattles, some even have a hospital bracelet (this is the attention to detail). In general, everything you need for a baby. It is worth noting a large selection of nappies – there are boys and girls, they differ in color, dress, size (from 30 to 40 centimeters), a set of accessories.

La Newborn Nursery Baby Doll pink
La Newborn Nursery Baby Doll

advantages: realism, high quality, wide choice

Disadvantages: high cost – but it’s handmade, and these bells are worth every penny spent.

Melissa & Doug Jenna – 12″ Doll

Cute and pretty big doll from the popular Melissa & Doug brand. The puppet has a cute face, and especially the eyes are incredibly beautiful, which close and open. Know how to suck a thumb and a pacifier (included). Wife has sisters – dolls Maria and Gabriella, with a different skin color, brother Jordan. NBC News has named these dolls the “Gold Standard toys for young children”. Suitable for children 18 months and older.

Advantages: low weight (770 grams), high quality, beautiful eyes. Can be bathed in the bathroom.

Disadvantages: additional accessories (bottle, baby food set) must be purchased separately.

melissa doug jenna doll

Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll

Berenguer Boutique Baby Doll

If the collection of newborns from the Spanish brand Berenguer amazes with realism, then the Boutique series is just a beautiful baby poop that looks like a baby from a picture. But even in this case, the design team has tried to do its best, it looks just chic. Her eyes close/open, arms and legs move. It’s all made of vinyl. The set with this nappy includes baby care accessories. The doll will teach your baby to take care of a little man – a very useful skill, especially if you plan to give your child a brother or sister in addition to the doll.

Berenguer Boutique Baby Doll blue

Advantages: high quality, vinyl material pleasant to the touch and suitable for bathing, realistic, many accessories in the kit.

Disadvantages: users note that the doll’s clothing is made of a rather weak fabric and it wears out quickly.

Melissa & Doug Luke & Lucy

Melissa & Doug Luke lucy

The main advantage of this toy – two dolls in one set, twins – boy and girl. Open and close their eyes, suck a finger or pacifier, love to hug – all that babies do. Dressed in charming suits that can be taken off and put on. With nappies you can bathe, sleep in a hug and learn to take care of a young child. Designed for children from 1.5 to 5 years.

Advantages: reasonable price, two dolls in the set at once, high quality. Basically, the Amazon toy is rated at 5 stars.

Disadvantages: Few accessories

Baby Alive Little Mermaid Play Set

baby alive mermaid blonde

Beautiful robotic baby from American brand Hasbro. Little Mermaid Baby Alive can crawl, drink and eat and even go to the toilet. The doll needs to bathe, feed from a bottle and change the diaper when it gets dirty – it develops emotional connections, teaches care and patience. The game set includes a 30-centimeter nappy, a mermaid costume (removable top and tail), a bottle and a diaper. You can choose the color of nappy skin and hair color (blond, brunette, red).

Advantages: reasonable price, interesting costume, high quality, a lot of interactive.

Disadvantages: users complain about the insufficient number of diapers in the kit.

baby alive mermaid

Baby Alive, Baby Shark – blonde baby doll

baby alive baby shark

An interesting set is a shark that can swim in water and take a bath with a baby. But if you take off its tail and hood – it will be a cute poop, with doll legs and handles. You can play with the tail and without it! This toy has no mansions, but you can invent very exciting plot games with it – using the super abilities of the shark. There are in yellow, pink and blue.

Advantages: unusual design, you can swim, high quality, reasonable price.

Disadvantages: packaging without outer lid

baby alive baby shark doll

JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Babies – soft body doll

JC Toys Soft 33 cm Twins baby dolls.

jc toys lots to cuddle babies

And again in our review of the twins, but now from the Spaniards JC Toys and design from Berenguer. Realistic, very high quality, made of vinyl – they have all the same advantages as the Newborn collection of nappies. The set includes a baby poop and a girl poop (they have the appropriate blue and pink suit). They know how to open their eyes and love to swim. Arms and legs are mobile. They can be placed in a stroller or taken to bed. The size is 33 centimeters. For children from 2 years.

Advantages: realism, high quality

Disadvantages: no accessories included (only clothes and bib)

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls – “Doll and Noodles” baby doll

baby alive sweet spoonfuls

This toy is not called “Doll and Noodles” because it has charming curls. It’s because she loves pasta. You can (and should) feed it by preparing her favorite dainty: the set has everything you need for this, the pasta machine, the mass for cooking (it can be used repeatedly) and a bowl. However, in the afternoon she will have to change her diapers (also available in the set). And she can also speak more than 20 phrases, laughs and cries. Wonderful gift for a child from 3 years old!

Works with 3 batteries, they need to be purchased separately.

There are options with light and dark skin.

Advantages: interactivity, a lot of skills, high quality

Disadvantages: there’s not enough food for the doll in the kit.

baby alive sweet spoonfuls baby doll

Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Bebe Calin

A 12-inch baby doll from Corolle.

Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Bebe Calin

These dolls from the French brand Coroll are elegant and cute. Their size – 30 centimeters – is ideal for playing. Handles and legs move, which allows you to give the puppies the same pose as a baby. And they also smell so nice and delicate vanilla! The doll has blue sleepy eyes, which close when she goes to sleep, like a real baby.

On a choice the manufacturer offers 6 dolls at once which differ clothes and appearance. It should be noted that the accessories are not included in the set, but separately you can buy from this manufacturer all – up to the pram and carry.

You can choose styles of dolls – in different clothes and different facial expressions.

Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Bebe Calin pink

Advantages: high quality, pleasant aroma, can be bathed

Disadvantages: Accessories need to be purchased separately.

Corolle margot baby doll

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends – Pre-School Play Doll, Rainbow Kate

kindi kids snack time

Moose Kindi Kids Snack time friends Rainbow Kate doll

A charming 25-centimeter doll with a very brave image. She has very unusual eyes and hair. Kate is a very modern girl, she cares about her health and loves smoothies – and she can be fed, smoothies and cake comes with it. Brand Kindy Kids also produces other dolls in this series, they also look very neat, but the tastes are a little different: Mistabella likes to draw on her easel, Donatina with pink hair prefers cereal and donuts, and Dr. Cindy Pops will check her heartbeat with a stethoscope and prescribe the right treatment. Only 10 dolls in a series.

Advantages: many skills, bright appearance, high quality

Disadvantages: high weight

kindi kids snack time rainbow kate

Barbie Nursery Skipper Babysitters Doll Playset


A Barbie baby play set with Nanny Skipper, two babies and a bed.

Skipper is Barbie’s little sister. In this series, she tries her hand at babysitting, and she has to deal with two babies at once. They need to be put to sleep in their crib, soothe them and babysit them. With this set, you can play role-playing games, he develops fantasy and teaches that a child needs an eye and an eye and that it is necessary to protect the youngest. Baby, furniture fittings, accessories will allow the child to plunge into the realities of life: the baby should put to bed, feed, walk with him, brush teeth, take a pot – and this is not the whole list of caring nanny.

barbie nursery playset skipper

Also Barbie brand produces other game sets with a nanny – nanny for a walk with a stroller, a nanny in the bathroom, a nanny with a highchair.

Advantages: high quality, very beautiful appearance, lots of accessories, reasonable price

Shortcomings: We couldn’t find them.

Baby Born – interactive baby dolls

baby born doll

This brand only produces nappies, and it has a huge number of them – for every taste and color. These are very realistic dolls of children of all ages – from infants to junior high school students. And to them – a huge number of accessories, even a bath, which exactly copies the usual plumbing. Very beautiful and high quality, made of vinyl, most of the puppets are robotic and can agoukat, close your eyes to drink from a bottle and fall asleep.

Advantages: the highest quality, realism, huge assortment.

Disadvantages: Most nappies cannot be bathed and after feeding it is important to drain water from the doll completely.

baby born interactive doll

Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House

Cry Babies bottle house

Cry Babies crying nappies have not lost their popularity for several years. Probably because they cry not only with tears, but also with sound.

Cry Babies dolls can be bought in different styles, sizes and accessories.

We like the variant of Cry Babies dolls with the house in the form of a bottle.

Buying this toy, you get 8 surprises and the opportunity to collect a collection of 12 dolls in the first series of Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House.

Your child will be very interested to open all the surprises and then play with them. The doll can be fed and she will cry.

Poops in Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House series are very cute, you do not know which doll you will get: ladybug or parrot.

Cry Babies magic tears bottle house

So, we can conclude that all the toys we studied are beautiful, high-quality and interesting. The choice is yours – but it will be quite difficult. We hope that it will be easier our table – try to answer the question of what kind of poop you are looking for. And we can say for sure that your child will like it.

You want to buy a toy that will teach your child care and develop emotional connections.All of the above.
You want a realistic toyВсе пупсы от JC Toys/ BERENGUER, Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Bebe Calin, Baby Born
You want an interactive (robotic toy)Baby Born, Baby Alive, Kindi Kids
You want a toy with lots of accessories in the basic packageJC Toys/ BERENGUER, Barbie, Melissa & Doug, Baby Alive, Baby Born, Cry Babies
Toys for a child under 2 years oldJC Toys/ BERENGUER, Melissa & Doug, Corolle Mon Premier Poupon Bebe Calin

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