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Best toys and gifts for 5 years old girl in 2019

Are you looking for a birthday gift for a girl of 5 years old or a gift for the new year? Or maybe you want to please a child without a reason? We will help you determine the best gifts for a girl of five.

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A girl at 5 years old believes in magic, likes to listen and compose stories. The baby is already consciously playing role-playing games, for example, mother-daughter. In addition to games, you need to spend a lot of time for creativity (applications, drawing, sculpting, sewing) and the development of mental abilities, using board games.

But we will start with dolls, because a doll is the very first association with a gift for a girl.
At 5 years old, not only a gift is important for a child, but also its unpacking, an element of surprise. Therefore, number 1 will be surprise dolls.

  1. The most popular collectible surprise dolls – L.O.L Surprise!

Fifth series L.O.L Surprise Hairgoals and Hairgoals 2 wave. These are mini dolls with real hair. All change color and have a bright appearance. Also in the fifth series of LOL Surprise there are little Lils sisters and  pets Fuzzy Pets.

lol surprise hairgoals packageLOL Surprise hairgoals lil sisters

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets Makeover Series






lol hairgoals 2 wave 1

LOL Surprise! Boys series 


lol surprise boysLol Surprise Bubbly SurpriseLOL Bubbly SurpriseLol Surprise! Biggie Pets

Lol Surprise! Glamper

lol surprise glamper 4

Toys LOL Surprise! still the leaders on the most coveted gifts for girls!

2. Baby dolls Baby Born. These are interactive pupils that can cry, write, close their eyes. You can buy a lot of clothes and accessories for Baby Born. At five, the girl already wants to take care. The girl can already do her hair, dress the doll, feed her. Therefore, having bought the Elder sister, brother Baby Born – you will definitely please the baby.

baby born older sister 3
baby born boy

Musical Baby Born Foaming Bath Tubbaby born bath tub

And you can also buy an interactive bath or shower for Baby Born.

3. Barbie – the legendary beautiful collectible dolls. A girl of five will be very interested in Barbie mermaids and fairy.

Barbie Dreamtopia doll Barbie Dreamtopia doll 1

4. Now about creativity. Tactile sensations are very important in five years. Girls are very fashionable and really like slimes, suitcases, lizuns. And what could be more interesting than making a do-it-yourself slice? The best gift for the girl will be Poopsie Slime Surprise. They have everything in order to make the smell fragrant and shiny. As well as a collectible toy. There are big unicorns, big dolls, small jars and poop slime surprises. Also huge sets – slime handbags.

poopsie slime surprise unicorn rainbow oopsie starlight poopsie pooey puitton slime poopsie rainbow surprise make slime doll poopsie chasmell rainbow slime kit 2 poopsie surprise animals poopsie surprise sparkly critters 1

If you present a slime surprise bag to your girl, you will definitely not lose!

5. Lego Disney kits – help develop imagination, design, and bright characters from your favorite cartoons make the game fun!

6. Dollhouse is a must-have and the most coveted and useful gift for any girl. You just have to decide which dolls you need a house for – Barbie, Lol Surprise or Disney princesses.

For sale there is a Barbie Doll House, a portable folding house for Barbie, a LOL Surprise Doll House, a Kidkraft House for all dolls, a House for Monster High, a castle for My Little Pony, a Sylvanian Families rabbit house and others.

lol surprise house empty barbie dreamhouse playset Barbie glam house sylvanian families house

my little pony castle 1dolls house enchantimals housemonster high deluxe high school

7. Dolls mannequins for makeup and hairstyles, sets of children’s cosmetics.

Girls at the age of 5 begin to get involved in cosmetics and beautiful hairstyles.

So that your mom’s cosmetics and your girl’s skin do not suffer, give her a mannequin – a big doll’s head with long hair and a set of cosmetics. Your baby will be happy to do all her experiments on a mannequin.

Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Makeover 1 Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Avery 1 detskiy maneken dlya prichesok 1 detskiy maneken dlya prichesokbarbie styling head small


barbie styling head

barbie dreamtopia unicorn

disney princess belle styling head


lol surprise make up

barbie make up

8. Interactive pets.

All children are very fond of animals and soft toys, but not all parents can afford to have them at home.

Make your baby happy – give an interactive pet. There are cats, dogs, birds, llamas, rabbits, and also there are just soft toys that cling to fingers, hands, a purse that are fun to walk with – they sing liver, make funny sounds, and some repeat the words and sounds for the child! look at the photo, click on the pet that you liked and please your baby!

pomsies toy 4

furreal unicorn interactive plush pet

pets alive unicorn


FurReal Interactive Plush Pet


little live pets turtle tank little live pets chi chi love wraples zoomer unicorn hatchimals pets Fingerlings pets

lion king simba interactive

9. Disney Princesses

Those girls who love Disney cartoons are undoubtedly the best present for the heroines – Elsa, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and others. There are many sets with princesses for gifts.

disney animators snow white mini doll 1 disney doorables 10

disney princess cinderella disney princess 1 disney princess


10. Kits for role-playing games. All girls at 5 years old love to play doctor, cook, cashier, mother. Give the baby sets for role-playing games – they will definitely be in demand for a very long time!

igrovoj centr smoby baby nurse

interactive kitchen tefal super chef smoby battat nabor doktora interaktivnaya detskaya kassa smoby

11th item TOP of the best gifts for girls – children’s transport.

We are sure that your baby will be delighted with such a gift as a bicycle or a scooter, or maybe roller skates? This is a very useful gift, as children’s transport develops the physical abilities, coordination and strength of the baby. And the image of the beloved hero will give even more joy!

lol surprise scooter lol surprise bicycle enchantimals bicycle


We really hope that this article was useful for you and you will use our recommendations!

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