Best toys for a boy and a girl for 1 year

Your baby has grown very much during the first year. By now, he is probably starting to crawl, and may even come close to getting on his feet. He also studies the world a lot.

This means that you can be a little more creative in choosing gifts. Things that he can push and pull will be very much in demand. The same goes for toys that your baby can fold and tilt.

With the help of toys, you provide your one-year-old child with a tool that helps his physical and intellectual development. Make the right choice now and you will see how your child will become a healthy and smart baby.

Our selection of the best toys and gifts for boys and girls 1 year.
We would like to share with you some toys that, we think, allow us to cover the whole spectrum of your child’s interests. We found some of them in our own babies. Others showed up with recommendations from other parents.

Below is a selection of toys that I’m sure your one-year-old baby will fall in love with.

  1. A large Mega Bloks bag of 80 parts for a boy and a girl.

mega bloks mega blocks

If you are looking for a designer kit that might keep your child busy, this 80-piece Mega Bloks item set might be a good option. Huge blocks are easy to use. They can hardly be swallowed in the near future.

Blocks have large teeth that facilitate their assembly and disassembly. Your one-year-old baby first develops some basic motor skills. And when your child gets older, he will become more creative with blocks and he will be able to build towers, houses or cars. As a result, this Mega Bloks kit can be a great choice if you want a toy that will work throughout your child’s preschool years.

The designer is sold in a convenient bag that facilitates cleaning and storage. Mega Bloks blocks are compatible with other sets of the same company and you can build entire huge cities with their help.

What’s good about it: the blocks connect effortlessly, so your one-year-old baby will not be disappointed that he is not succeeding. The kit helps your child develop his motor skills, and then his creativity. The bag makes packaging simple and also offers portability.

2.Vtech Interactive toy Ball or any other educational ball.

vtech ball

An educational ball is a simple toy that stimulates the feelings of your child. He will feel the new materials and see many colors and sounds, all in one toy. It also helps in developing key motor skills such as limb movement and coordination.

3. Bath toys. In particular, we like Yookidoo Bath Toy.

igrushka dlya vannoy 1igrushka dlya vannoy

An interesting educational toy for games in the water. Using a compressor, water is drawn from the bathroom, creating an endless flow without additional water consumption. Put molds or direct a stream on gears and observe various effects. The kit includes a crane with a compressor, 3 colored molds with eyes and various water effects, 3 removable gears.

Educational toys for the bathroom entertain your baby while swimming. Bright colors attract attention, and the game itself develops your child’s coordination skills. They can also be funny even for children a little older, so this will not be a toy that your baby will quickly outgrow.

4. Interactive dump truck Vtech.

vtech truck

This dump truck will immediately attract the attention of your baby. Both a boy and a girl will like it! Girls also love cars. The dump truck was created so that your baby grabs the rope, puts balls into it and rolls it.

The truck comes with three plastic balls that your child can easily grab and place in the dump truck bucket. This bucket sits on a hinge that your baby can lift to throw plastic balls again. The truck also has a convenient cord at the front, which your baby can use to pull it across the floor.

The VTech truck also has three buttons on the front panel. Your baby can click on them to hear some funny little songs. The truck even counts how your child puts balls in a bucket. To do this, you will need a pair of AAA batteries, as the batteries included in the kit do not work for too long.

What’s good about it: it may be one of the best toys for kids who started walking. The cord in front of the truck gives the child the opportunity to pull, and the bucket mechanism contributes to the development of basic motor skills.

5. Walkers for baby Vtech “First Steps”.

About a year old, the baby begins to take the first steps or wants to stand on its feet.

To help your child walk, buy a Vtech baby walker. In addition to the main function, they are still very bright and multifunctional.

vtech learning walker

Among other things, it is equipped with a small piano and a telephone that your child can pick up and play. In general, the toy plays 70 songs and sounds, so your baby will not be bored. A pair of AA batteries is required. You can also remove the game pad when you want your child to focus on his walking skills.

6. Pyramid Fisher Price.

fisher prise toys

A very high-quality and interesting pyramid – necessary for all children. Comes with five rings, each in a different color. They are large enough, but light, which means that your baby can grab and explore them as they wish.

The toy also comes with a stand on which your baby can fold the rings. This helps your child master the concepts of relativity and size. I cannot describe the sense of pride you will experience when you first see your child stack the rings in the correct order.

The smallest ring deserves attention. It rattles when your child plays with it, plus it has a transparent surface. This allows your child to see how small rattles bounce inside.

What’s good about it: this toy is simple, but it will help your child develop his motor skills. He also introduces some new concepts for him, plus a rattling ring stimulates hearing. When your child has finished playing, it is also easy to assemble.

7. Smart puppy Fisher price

fisher prise toys 1

This is the first plush toy that should appear in your baby. The puppy “Laugh and learn” is soft, pleasant and gives a lot of pleasure. While your child is exploring and playing, the puppy will present more than 100 first words, body parts, colors and much more, which will make learning very exciting and fun.

Each child develops at his own pace, and Smart Stages technology allows you to choose the stage that is best suited for your little student. At each level, the smart puppy offers various developmental songs, sounds and phrases to keep your child busy. Just slide the switch to select a level! Firstly, the puppy will present more than 100 first words, the alphabet, different colors and much more, when babies press different areas to their nice little body. He will then encourage the kids to count together and identify different parts of the body with funny and useful phrases. Then the kids can continue the educational fun, playing for their good friend Puppy, singing funny songs and expanding vocabulary.

Playful songs, sounds, and phrases represent parts of the body, colors, alphabet, score, and more, and encourage thinking skills when your child finds his own ears, belly, and heart. Plus, when your baby discovers that their touch makes the puppy speak and sing, they see that their actions can do funny things (in other words, cause and effect).

8. Sorter Fisher Price Magic Pot

fisher price sorter

Fisher Price Sorter “Magic Potty: Laugh and Learn!” Dipping his pen in the pot, the baby gets a fun game with an unexpected surprise! There are two modes of the educational game, with the help of which the baby will master figures or numbers, and funny phrases and funny songs will entertain the baby. The kid learns to distinguish and sort 5 forms of cookies, receiving encouragement for each correct attempt. Put your hand in a smart pot and the music will play; take out your hand and the music turns off! The volume level can be adjusted, there is also an On / Off switch. In a set:

pot with a lid

5 dice-figures: circle, heart, triangle, square and asterisk.

The Magic Pot has a cute smiling face with a button-nose and 5 holes of geometric shape on the sides. When you click on the nose, a funny sound or phrase is heard, and a bright light blinks in it. On multi-colored cubes – numbers from 1 to 5.

The magic pot contributes to the development of coordination, thinking, logic, teaches to recognize colors and shapes.

9. Interactive development house Kiddieland

kiddieland house

This is a bestseller among toys for children from 1 year to three! We highly recommend buying – we do not know any analogues. Quality is on top. A lot of realistic sounds. The house is very colorful and contains two figures – a boy and a girl, three rooms with furniture, accessories, lighting and sound effects. Every detail is interactive. The child learns communication, the imagination works. This is simply the best baby gift for 1 year!

10. Toy – Fisher Price rope stroller

fisher prise katalka

This toy develops your child’s motor skills, which is very important.

Take this monster with you for a walk. It will be interesting for your baby to walk with her – after all, when walking or running, the monster’s head spins and makes a cracking sound, and the skirt develops.

A rope ride is a very important toy for developing and stimulating the baby’s physical skills.

11. Bizi-cube educational toy

bizi cube

Bizicubes are wooden or plastic large cubes with various functional boards. There are a lot of options for business cubes with a different set of functions – sorters, mazes, zippers, buttons, switches and much more.

We hope this article has been helpful to you.

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