Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 – Gifts for girls

lol surprise best gift L.O.L. Surprise!

In 2020, children and parents spend a lot of time at home. And, therefore, feel the lack of positive emotions and a variety of pastimes.

Isaac Larian, CEO of MGAE said:

that sales of MGA Entertainment toys actually increased dramatically after the Coronavirus pandemic closed schools and forced many parents to work from home.

“The reason is that parents buy these toys, especially Little Tikes, to keep their children in the backyard,” he said. “Thus, we see a significant growth in sales.

To make children happier, MGAE released many new toys and dolls in 2020.

Before the holidays, I want to share with you the most interesting toys LOL Surprise 2020.

Criteria for selection:

  • exclusivity
  • multifunctionality
  • longevity
  • low cost

LOL Surprise Present Surprise, LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise.

I will be the first to mark these surprise toys LOL Surprise, because their packaging looks very elegant and festive. Box with a bow will delight your baby. The bow is not removable, so you can save the gift wrapping. And inside you will find a collection doll LOL Surprise with accessories. Find the doll, which was born in the same month as your baby.

Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

And in a large set of LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise will be another pet and an interesting unpacking with hissing ball.

Second, I would highlight the game set – a house with dolls LOL Surprise ClubHouse.

LOL Surprise Clubhouse with dolls

In my opinion, this is the best toy LOL Surprise 2020!

Playing area with a variety of accessories and furniture, puppet LOL boy and girl are included in the set. and all this for only $50. Check the price of Amazon.

LOL Surprise ClubHouse will be interesting to your child for a very long time!
This is the ideal gift for Christmas 2020 or your birthday.

Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

LOL Surprise Lights – a series of glowing at ultra-violet dolls LOL.

This series includes:

  1. fashion dolls LOL OMG Lights
  2. LOL Surprise Lights Glitter
  3. Lol Surprise Lights Pets

This series is very interesting and bright! New 4 fashion dolls LOL OMG in bright images with a glowing surprise. LOL Surprise Lights Glitter dolls, which also glow in the dark and glowing in the dark pets with real hair and bright hairstyles. You will love this series. For detailed reviews and photos see our website.

Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

The real furore was made by a series of dolls LOL Surprise J.K.

lol surprise jk mini fashion dolls

These are 4 little fashion dolls from the first LOL Surprise series – with real hair, real outfit and shoes on a big platform. All dolls change color in icy water.

Each doll can be bought separately or the whole collection can be assembled. There will be no surprise here, the box shows a doll, which is inside. You can buy:

  1. Queen Bee
  2. Neon Q.T.
  3. Diva
  4. MC Swag.
Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

Two series of boys LOL Surprise.

lol surprise boys arcade heroes

But I would like to highlight L.O.L. Surprise! Boys Arcade Heroes. These are the heroes of slot machines. Under the superhero costume there is a boy (and one girl) LOL Surprise in an ordinary outfit. Change the images, play the Transformers. Very interesting series of dolls, which will diversify and make more interesting your gameplay.

All fans of LOL Surprise were waiting for the new LOL OMG series.

lol surprise omg series 3 dolls
Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

The third series of fashion dolls came out in summer together with sets of LOL Surprise Furniture, where you can find a younger sister – lol tots. Believe me, it’s very interesting to collect LOL Surprise family and it’s great when you have furniture, accessories for more variety and fun.

lol surprise furniture school office

Buying LOL OMG dolls of 3 series you will get aesthetic pleasure from the quality and performance of dolls, their outfits and accessories. And LOL Surprise Furniture will complement and diversify your game!

Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

And completes our list of best toys LOL Surprise 2020 – the first boy LOL OMG!

lol omg boy rocker boi

He comes in a set of LOL OMG Remix Rocker Boi and Punk Grrrl. It is a part of LOL OMG Remix series – with a musical surprise.

Best toys LOL Surprise 2020 - Gifts for girls

Unpack the boy LOL OMG Rocker Boi and his girlfriend Punk Grrrrl, put the music records in a box-player and listen to the music track. LOL OMG dolls with musical instruments, bright hairstyles and trendy outfits.


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