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LOL Surprise Birthday Party! Ideas for you

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LOL Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Does your daughter love LOL Surprise dolls? Birthday is coming and you need ideas on how to celebrate it with LOL Surprise dolls? Then read this article.

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  1. How does a birthday start? From gifts, and, therefore, from the place where they are presented and stored – photozone.
    The photo zone is the main bright place – the accent of the whole holiday. It means that it should be the most noticeable.

fotozona kukla lol

Photo area is:

banner, checkboxes, garlands. There are a lot of them on the Internet, easy to order.
photo of the birthday girl
flowers or other decorations (paper, wood, plastic, etc.)
candy bar
growth figures

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lol surprise banner 2

These banners can be found on Amazon.com or other online stores in your country.

Below are options for balls also with amazon. But we are sure that there are many proposals for balloons in the Lol surprise style not far from your house!

lol surprise ballon

2. So, with the photo-zone sorted out. Important in LOL SURPRISE! Party invitations are also for guests.

lol surprise banner invites 1 lol surprise banner invites

3. Who welcomes guests? Birthday girl or life-size puppets Lol – mom, dad? Whoever met, the main thing is to find beautiful outfits, like real Lol Surprise!

What kind of dolls does the birthday girl like more?) Pick up photos of dresses, order tailoring or ready-made ones. There are a lot of offers on the Internet. The main thing is to start preparing in advance, so that everything will be able to crosslink / reach.

These are the incredible LOL Surprise dress we found on Instagram. You can repeat them yourself or come up with new ones.

lol surprise dress 3 lol surprise dress 2 lol surprise naryad 3 lol surprise naryad 2 lol surprise naryad 1 lol surprise naryad lol surprise platie lol surprise dress

And you can even ask all the guests – girlfriends come in dresses with the image of LOL dolls.

4. What kind of gifts can I order from guests for fan Lol Surprise? Of course Lol Surprise dolls themselves or game sets.

Gifts Lol Surprise:

lol surprise fuzzy pets neigh majesty

lol surprise scooter

lol jewellery series lolsdolls.com

lol surprise makeup

lol surprise live pets

lol surprise oh la la 8

lol surprise secret diary

lol bigger surprise

LOL Bubbly Surprise

lol surprise doll house box

5. Sweet table LOL Surprise!

Decorating a festive table will not do without such a set.

lol surprise birthday party 1 lol surprise birthday party

Such kits can also be ordered at different sites.

You can just buy a satin-like tablecloth or any other bright, elegant one. The festive table will still be beautiful thanks to the cake, sweets and drinks!

If you are planning an outdoor recreation, then it is more convenient, of course, to use disposable dishes with the logos of LOL dolls. At home, in a restaurant, of course, it is more convenient to eat from ordinary dishes.

The basis of any holiday table, especially in children – of course, the birthday cake!

Here your fantasy is where to roam. There are a lot of ideas on the Internet about cakes and cap-cakes for a sweet table LOL Surprise!

lol surprise birthday cake 6 lol surprise birthday cake 5 lol surprise birthday cake 4 lol surprise birthday cake 3 lol surprise birthday cake 2 lol surprise birthday cake 1 lol surprise birthday cake

6. Guests fed, gifts received, how to have fun?

Manufacturers Lol Surprise released more than one game set for the entire company.

Here they are:

lol board game

Parents and children will love the latest LOL Surprise collection – a game that will suit players of all ages and abilities, even if they are not doll collectors.

In the first stage of the game, players use bottles to move around the board.

When a player finds and chooses a doll token, he puts it on the card of his collector and switches from using the bottle to the character of the doll he has chosen.

Then their goal is to fill in the card of their collector, collecting all the tokens that match his character dolls, or pulling them from unexpected balls on the board, or exchanging or receiving tokens from other players.

The game continues until one of the players collects all the tokens corresponding to their character of the doll, and won.

coloring LOL.
puzzles LOL Surprise

lol board game 1

  • card gamelol board game 2game for the company – “pass the ball sooner!”

lol board game 3

We tried to collect as much information as possible on how to prepare a child’s birthday surrounded by heroes LOL Surprise!

We hope this article was helpful and informative.

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