Bratz Dolls 2021 – 20 Yearz Special Edition

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After 20 years, you can collect the updated original 4 Bratz 2021 and Bratz Boyz Cameron dolls. From chic outfits to trapezoidal packaging, they are almost exact analogues of the dolls with which it all began. Now in a special holographic package!

To celebrate Bratz’s 20th anniversary, collect these trendy special edition dolls in gorgeous foil packaging with a 20-year-old motif and a collectible holographic poster.
Each Bratz 20 Yearz doll includes 2 outfits for a variety of combination and mixing options! Also included are 2 pairs of shoes, a hat, a backpack, a hair brush and a poster.

The company MGA creates other popular dolls such as LOL OMG, Rainbow High, but the main feature and difference of dolls Brats are different doll face molds. Not just a different makeup and eye color, but also facial expression, facial oval.

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Bright makeup, big eyes and lips, fashionable outfit, big shoes – ultra fashionable Bratz dolls are back!

You can get Bratz 2021 dolls here.

Bratz Dolls 2021 - 20 Yearz Special Edition
bratz 20 yearz dolls

Collect the entire Bratz 2021 collection

#TBT when Bratz debuted in 2001! Celebrate Bratz’s 20th birthday by bringing together Jade, Sasha, Khloya, Yasmin and Bratz Boys Cameron. These are girls with a passion for fashion!

Customer Testimonials4.8 out of 5 stars 255 ratings
4.8 out of 5 stars
Release dateJuly 14, 2021
Manufacturer Recommended age7 – 83 years
ProducerMGA Entertainment
bratz dolls 2021
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Bratz 20 Yearz Package

The box is transparent and hologrammed – you can see the doll and know her name, it is written on the box. The package has a handle for easy carrying. On the back of the box is a picture of all 4 Bratz dolls and the motto of the doll that is in the box.

Bratz 20 Yearz Yasmin

Yasmin is the most popular Bratz doll, she sells out the fastest. She has long soft hair, two plaits. Comes with a hair comb. Cute makeup with a little glitter. She is dressed in a velvet top and beige wide pants with slits at the bottom. The Bratz dolls shoes are very solid and their distinctive feature is that the shoes come off with the foot.
The backpack is functional, you can put the doll’s phone or jewelry in it.

Bratz Dolls 2021 - 20 Yearz Special Edition

Bratz 20 Yearz Cloe

Bratz 20 Yearz Jade

Bratz Dolls 2021 - 20 Yearz Special Edition

Bratz 20 Yearz Sasha

Bratz Dolls 2021 - 20 Yearz Special Edition

Bratz 20 Yearz Cameron

Bratz Dolls 2021 - 20 Yearz Special Edition

Unboxing Bratz 20th Anniversary dolls

Bratz Rock Angelz 20 Yearz Special Edition


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