Bratz Holiday 20 Yearz Felicia Fashion Doll

Bratz Holiday 20 Yearz Special Edition Collector Felicia fashion doll HOT TOYS

To celebrate the holiday season and 20 yearz of Bratz, collectors and new Bratz fans can collect this all new, premium, and limited edition Holiday Felicia doll with a commemorative 20 yearz charm bracelet by Cult Gaia for you to wear.

  • 20 YEARZ SPECIAL EDITION: In celebration of Bratz turning 20 yearz old, collect this special edition Holiday fashion doll featuring an exclusive Cult Gaia bracelet with 20 yearz motif
  • FAN FAVE CHARACTER: For the first time ever, Felicia flaunts her personal glam style in a collectible doll and fully articulated body
  • CULT GAIA BRACELET: Bratz has partnered with fashion powerhouse Cult Gaia on an exclusive, commemorative 20 yearz charm bracelet for you to wear, only available with the Holiday Felicia doll
  • GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Includes earrings, bracelet, and brocade purse to complete her look
  • INCLUDES: 1 Bratz Holiday 20 Yearz Special Edition Collector Felicia Fashion Doll, 2 piece gown, faux fur wrap, earrings, bracelet, purse, brush, doll stand, and Cult Gaia charm bracelet for you

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