Cave Club – Prehistoric Mattel dolls. review

Cave Club dolls review

Children of preschool and primary school age are already interested in dinosaurs and ancient civilizations. Be sure to read and watch videos with your children on all topics that interest them.

And when your child finds out how ancient people lived and looked in prehistoric times, buy them dolls from the cave club of Mattel.

What are Cave Club Mattel dolls?

Cave Club mattel dolls review

Cave Club – Collection of dolls from cave times.

Mattel company has long specialized in the production of dolls and Barbie has been very popular for 60 years.

In the collection Cave Club Mattel has already five dolls, among them one guy. Besides dolls, there are two game sets and a dinosaur that really rolls dolls.

When you buy a CAve Club doll, you know exactly who’s inside. If you want to save the surprise, order a special Amazon packaging.

Cave Club dolls check list

Cave Club dolls have their own channel on YouTube, where every week new series with dolls are released.

Features of Cave Club dolls:

  • each doll is fully mobile, arms and legs bend
  • each doll has a bright neon hairstyle
  • in the set with each Cave Club doll you will get additional curls of hair to create new hairstyles images
  • in the set with the doll you will get a cave pet and accessories (ears and purse).
  • 8-10 inch (25 cm) Cave Club dolls tallest
  • Each doll has an accessory decoration.
Cave-Club Tella Doll accessories

Names of Cave Club Mattel dolls

Cave Club Emberly Doll

She does not come alone, but with her pet – dinosaur Flair, cave crest, curl of hair and flashlight transformer.

Create new hairstyles and come up with game themes.

Cave Club Emberly Doll

Cave Club Tella Doll

Bright doll with fashion accessories and a dinosaur pet.

Cave Club Tella Doll

Cave Club Roaralai

Cave Club Roaralai

Cave Club Fernessa Poseable

Cave Club Fernessa Poseable

Cave Club Slate

Boy Cave Club is very fashionable, with accessories and home dinosaur.

Cave Club Slate

Gaming sets with dolls of Case Club

Cave Club Wild About Babysitting with two dolls

Cave Club Babysitting Playset Fernessa Furrah Dolls

Cave Club Blazin’ BBQ with Emberly doll and dinosaur

Cave Club blazin bbq playset

Cave Club Rockelle Doll and Tyrasaurus Dinosaur

Cave Club set with dinosaur will cheer up your child and give many hours of play. The dinosaur really chews treats, accommodates two Cave Club dolls and you can move his legs for a walk.

Cave Club Rockelle Doll and Tyrasaurus Dinosaur

Gather all the Cave Club dolls and create your own game stories. Accessories will diversify the game, and game sets will diversify the plot.

Write which doll did you like better?

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