Christmas outfits for Barbie

Barbie Christmas Outfit BARBIE

You should take care of dressing up your Barbie doll for Christmas and New Year!)

See what outfits we have collected! They are perfect for a festive Christmas party and your baby will be happy to celebrate the Christmas holidays with her favorite dolls.

This pajamas is perfect for celebrating Christmas. Suitable for both Barbie dolls and Ken. Gingerbread men, candy canes and a Christmas tree make this outfit New Year’s.


Christmas outfits for Barbie

We really like this outfit with a gift box!

Top “Fun and bright”, a skirt with a Christmas print is very bright and will suit your Barbie.


Barbie Christmas Outfit doll

Christmas outfits for Barbie

Now look at this amazing silver Christmas dress for Barbie with a deer, a garland and gifts!

Also included is a handbag for Barbie.


Barbie Holiday Clothes

Christmas outfits for BarbieA cool vest with a snowman and a skirt for Barbie dolls are also great for Christmas evening. And the handbag will make the image of Barbie feminine.

Barbie Holiday Clothes 1

Christmas outfits for Barbie

And now we will show elegant dresses and costumes for the doll that will suit your Barbie for any occasion!

Very fashionable outfits for Barbie with animal prints. Your doll will be the most fashionable.


Barbie doll Outfit

Christmas outfits for Barbie

A top with a polar bear and a skirt in a cage will look at Barbie not only festively, but also very stylish! Fashion accessories complement the look.

Barbie Holiday Clothes 2

Christmas outfits for Barbie

This outfit for Barbie dolls will be appreciated by cartoon lovers Toy Story!

Barbie Holiday Clothes 3

Christmas outfits for Barbie

And in this outfit, your Barbie doll will be warm and beautiful!

barbie winter fashion

Christmas outfits for Barbie

And below are dresses that are very easy to fall in love with! I want to buy everything, agree?



barbie fashion outfit

Christmas outfits for Barbie


barbie fashion 2

Christmas outfits for Barbie

barbie fashion 3

Christmas outfits for Barbie



barbie fashion

Christmas outfits for Barbie

barbie winter fashion 1

Christmas outfits for Barbie



Be sure to pamper your Barbie dolls with a new holiday outfit.

And you can store Barbie outfits in such dressing rooms. They have many accessories for storing outfits and more outfits. Convenient to store and carry.

The closed for Barbie includes: a Barbie doll, three pairs of shoes, six trempels, two necklaces, two purses and dresses for Barbie. Combine and create vivid images of your Barbie doll!

barbie fashion closet doll

Christmas outfits for Barbie


And in this closed for Barbie’s outfits comes two dresses, three pairs of shoes, two necklaces, a handbag and six trempels. All doors open, as in a real wardrobe.

barbie fashion closet

Christmas outfits for Barbie

  • This portable Barbie closet has style inside and out with included fashions and accessories!
  • The pink wardrobe is decorated with lots of glam accents
  • Clear double doors give you a glimpse into Barbie doll’s fun wardrobe
  • Real working drawers and cabinets store accessories
  • The two dresses included with each closet are perfect for day or night with modern silhouettes, graphic prints and fun colors

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