Barbie Fashion Clothes Pack

barbie clothes multipack outfits and accessories BARBIE

Barbie Clothes Multipack with 8 Complete Outfits

  • This fashionable Barbie clothing set offers so much fashion entertainment with over 25 items including Barbie doll clothes and accessories for 8 complete looks!
  • 8 outfits inspire games and stories throughout the day with fashionable doll clothes for all occasions – from day sports to fashionable formal ones.
  • Each Outfit for a Barbie Doll (sold separately) includes a dress or the top and bottom of various colors and fashionable prints inspired by the latest trends.
  • Each comes with a pair of shoes, such as boots, sneakers or heeled shoes, and an accessory such as a handbag, visor, waist bag, jewelry or a pair of sunglasses.
  • Children can combine and combine fashion items to create new looks, and can collect other clothes and accessories for Barbie dolls to have even more fun (each sold separately, depending on availability).

Dress up a Barbie doll for any challenge with a wardrobe that does not lag behind! These eight looks for the Barbie doll (the doll is sold separately) offer her unique perspective on current trends. Each outfit is a full-fledged look – a dress or two identical details – with enough variety to carry it from everyday life to the premiere of the pink carpet. More than 25 fashion items include accessories that complement the look. Combine and combine in a set and with other fashionable things in the lineup to create different looks and explore style. Includes eight outfits, eight pairs of shoes and eight accessories; the doll is not included. Universal cut, suitable for most Barbie dolls. Each fashion set is sold separately if available. Colors and decorations may vary.

Barbie Fashion Clothes Pack

Barbie Storytelling Fashion Pack of Doll Clothes Inspired by Roxy

  • This trendy set of Barbie dolls includes recognizable icons of the popular lifestyle brand Roxy in graphics and prints (the doll is sold separately).
  • In this versatile floral look consisting of two parts, combined with a top and wide pants with accents of pink ribbons, you can amaze the imagination.
  • 7 accessories inspire style and storytelling with summer decorations, including a yellow pineapple handbag, blue sunglasses, a pink headband with a bow, three jewelry and a “wicker” Roxy handbag.
  • Combine with other clothes of Barbie dolls to ignite imagination and have fun; each fashion set is sold separately if available.
  • More variety makes collecting Barbie dolls even more fun – kids can collect them to expand their playing experience!
Barbie Fashion Clothes Pack

Barbie Fashions Storytelling Fashion Pack – Jurassic World sets

Is your Barbie dinosaur fan? Then she will love this collection of new fashion sets Barbie Jurassic World!
Gorgeous collection of unusual outfits and accessories. The theme of dinosaurs is very well woven into the patterns on the fabric, the details on the accessories. All together looks stylish and original.

  • These fashionable Barbie doll kits include clothing and two accessories for a full look inspired by popular brands (doll not included; sold separately, subject to availability).
  • A cool collection of clothes and accessories for dolls is based on modern trends and includes recognizable icons on stickers and prints.
  • Outfits include a dress, top and bottom or swimsuit; Accessories may include purses, jewelry, sunglasses and shoes.
  • Combine with other clothes barbie dolls to awaken the imagination and have fun (each fashion set is sold separately, if available).
  • More variety makes collecting Barbie dolls even more exciting – kids can collect them all!
Barbie Fashion Clothes Pack
Barbie Fashion Clothes Pack

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