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At Cocomelon, JJ and his siblings embark on exciting adventures: they go to the nursery, play, explore and learn.

Beautiful Cocomelon 3D animation and songs with stunning songs tell stories about activities that children around the world will learn.

In addition to helping preschoolers learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, etc., Cocomelon videos contain prosocial life lessons, giving parents the opportunity to teach their children and play with them while they watch together. Meet the characters!

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cocomelon characters
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You can watch Cocomelon songs on NetFlix and Youtube.

As of July 2021, it is the most viewed YouTube channel in the U.S. and the second most popular channel in the world.

Cocomelon videos include children, adults and animals that interact with each other in everyday life. Lyrics appear the same at the bottom of the screen on all displays. In 2020, Treasure Studio added Cocomelon content to Netflix, Roku, and Hulu. The company also delivers music through popular streaming services. YouTube content consists of individual music videos, compilations, and live streams.

Cocomelon fans want to buy JJ and other characters.

Below is a list of Cocomelon toys

Bring CoComelon nurseries to life with toys.

JJ Doll “Before Bedtime”! This soft plush is inspired by JJ, a popular character from the CoComelon educational series on YouTube! JJ is ready to sleep in his iconic jumpsuit, clutching a plush pillow in the form of a teddy bear! This perfect friend even has 7 sounds and phrases before bedtime! Just squeeze JJ’s tummy and listen to him utter iconic phrases and even play the song “YesYes Bedtime”! Your child will love cudding with their favorite friend CoComelon!

CoComelon Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll

JJ’s official music doll before bed coComelon, soft plush body – Press Tummy, and JJ sings excerpts from “Yes, yes, song before bedtime” – Includes a teddy bear with a small pillow.

  • The detailed plush doll is inspired by JJ, a popular character from the educational series on YouTube, CoComelon!
  • First, switch the sound box to the ON position. Then squeeze JJ’s tummy and listen to his 7 sounds and phrases!
  • The charming plush toy even plays an excerpt from the popular CoComelon Nursery Rhyme song ” Yes, yes, it’s time to sleep!”
  • Soft plush is perfect for squeezing and hugging! Instructions for care of the cloth: wipe with a damp cloth.
  • This perfect bedtime friend will help your baby fall asleep soundly!
  • JJ Bedtime plush comes with its own Teddy Pillow Plush!
CoComelon - toys and songs

CoComelon Nursery Rhyme Singing Time Plush Book

CoComelon - toys and songs

This charming and soft book is inspired by nurseries from the popular educational series CoComelon on YouTube! This collection of children’s poems includes 5 children’s poems from CoComelon!

  • Sing your favorite CoComelon songs on every page of this charming plush book!
  • Includes excerpts from 5 classic CoComelon nursery rhymes, including “Old MacDonald,” “Yes, Yes, It’s Time to Sleep,” “Yes, Yes, Vegetables,” “Thank You,” and “Bath Song”!
  • The plush book has a tethered JJ, so you can walk through a day out of JJ’s life and put it in special pockets for more fun and interaction.
  • Turn every page in search of a new song that your child loves and remembers!
  • Educational songs help children take a bath, go to bed and even say thank you!

CoComelon Official Musical Yellow School Bus

The official musical yellow school bus CoComelon, reproduces excerpts from the film “Wheels on the Bus” with a removable figure of JJ – toys-characters for babies, toddlers and children.

The musical yellow School Bus CoComelon is decorated with a figure of JJ, a popular character from the educational series CoComelon on YouTube! The school bus will accommodate 6 of your favorite CoComelon friends! Tap on the bus grille and listen to “Wheels on the Bus” play for you and your child to sing along! Free movement allows your child to drive this fun and detailed car! Bring your favorite CoComelon nurseries to life with the CoComelon Music Yellow School Bus!

  • Includes the figure of JJ, a popular character from CoComelon!
  • This charming CoComelon toy holds 6 of your favorite CoComelon family members and friends!
  • Tap on the grid and sing while the bus plays the song “Wheels on the Bus”!
  • Free movement allows your child to drive a car and his imagination!
CoComelon - toys and songs

CoComelon Official Friends & Family, 6 Figure Pack

Your friends are my friends and my friends are a set of CoComelon family and friends! This charming set of 6 figures is inspired by CoComelon’s popular educational videos on YouTube! Watch your tiny CoComelon fan play with popular characters, JJ, TomTom, YoYo, Cody and Nina! This detailed 3-inch set even includes 2 JJ figures, one in his jumpsuit and one in his favorite little shark t-shirt!

  • Imagine your kids playing and singing alongside JJ, TomTom, YoYo, Cody and Nina – 5 popular characters from the CoComelon educational series on YouTube!
  • These 3-inch figures bring to life the pleasure and education of CoComelon!
  • These adorable toys are detailed and formulated, so your toddler can play and imagine all day!
  • Can’t get e fed up with JJ? No problem! This CoComelon family set includes 2 JJ figures in 2 adorable outfits!
  • This set is based on CoComelon videos on YouTube that your kids LOVE!
CoComelon - toys and songs

CoComelon Official Musical Checkup Case

Case for medical examination Cocomelon

The CoComelon Music Checkout Kit is based on children’s poems from the CoComelon educational series on YouTube! Your toddler can sing the song “Doctor Checkup” as this pediatrician’s medical kit plays 9 cool sounds! Children’s stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer and syringe make it easy to play doctor! The thermometer can go from red to green, and you can press on the piston of the syringe! A medical suitcase with the legendary CoComelon logo holds all your child’s medical instruments!

  • Your child will be able to realize his dream of becoming a doctor with this amazing game set for the doctor!
  • This children’s play set for the doctor reproduces 9 sounds and phrases!
  • Includes everything your child needs to imagine a day at the doctor’s office.
  • Slide the thermometer from red to green and back!
  • Press the syringe piston.
  • Medical carrying case makes it easy to clean!

CoComelon First Act Musical Keyboard, 23 Keys

This bright 11-inch keyboard is inspired by the popular educational series CoComelon on YouTube! First Act’s playful children’s keyboard features excerpts from songs by CoComelon ABC and CoComelon Music! The keyboard is equipped with a carrying handle so that your child can take the show on the go! With this keyboard, your child can learn music and even develop necessary skills such as brain memory, hand-eye coordination, independent thinking and auditory skills!

  • Your little musician can develop their musical skills with this colorful 11-inch keyboard.
  • This charming musical instrument for preschoolers is inspired by the popular educational series CoComelon on Youtube.
  • The 23-key music keyboard for kids is perfect for preschoolers!
  • The CoComelon keyboard includes 2 pre-recorded songs that your child can play and sing along!
  • This educational music toy can help develop hand-eye coordination, fine and large motor skills of your child!

CoComelon Official Musical Tractor

CoComelon - toys and songs

CoComelon Downloads

If your toddlers love CoComelon, why not download these free classes to help you learn alongside your favorite characters.

CoComelon - toys and songs

Toys on your favorite cartoons and songs Cocomelon – a great gift for a child! They develop imagination, imagination and socialization skills!

We have picked up toys with which the child can play independently and for joint pastime, choose the best for yourself or collect a collection!

CoComelon - toys and songs

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