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Cry babies popular dolls – review

cry babies baby doll

Cry babies – are the world’s most crying dolls! Slightly – they roll hysterics with real tears, and will cry until the baby calms them – or until 10 seconds of time. This toy will teach that the baby needs constant attention and care: if your girl has a little brother or sister, we recommend her to buy a doll Cry babies. It’ll help you understand why the baby’s being given more attention. It’s also just very interesting to play with. They are beautiful and of high quality. But all in order.

What are Cry babies dolls?

cr babies checklist

This is a series of toys from Spanish brand IMC Toys. They have been produced for more than 30 years, and the brand itself has taken a strong position in the ranking of the TOP 15 manufacturers of children’s toys. Every year the collections are updated, the dolls acquire new skills and new functions, but some characteristics remain unchanged.

Features of Cry babies dolls:

  • can cry. That’s pretty much clear from the name. Cry Babies dolls do it with real tears (you have to pour water into the head of the navel beforehand. Please note that the manufacturer strongly recommends using filtered water only!). Without a nipple, the doll will cry. If a nappy’s crying, he needs to be calmed – like a live baby. To do this, you can give him a pacifier, shake on his hands or put him to bed. The water tank is designed for 80 millilitres, which is enough for 10 seconds of uninterrupted crying;
cry babies baby doll cry
cry babies baby doll pacifier
  • all dolls are wearing soft plush jumpsuits with animal print. Plush is pleasant to the touch, and already at the level of tactile sensations involves in an interesting game. The combination can be removed.
  • Cry babies are made of safe and environmentally friendly plastic – they can be bathed;
  • body proportions are slightly altered. The head is slightly enlarged and the face has huge, bottomless eyes that fall in love with themselves at first sight. It’s 27 centimeters tall and weighs 450 grams. So the toy is suitable for little girls – from 3 years. It won’t be hard to carry it on your hands;
  • there’s a series of Cry babies collectible mini poops – surprises. They hide in a bottle – cry babies magic tears house.

Just from 2 to 5 years old child is very important to play the story and role-playing games – so he tries on different social roles, looking for his place in the world and loses options in different life situations. And the game of mother-daughter with a navel maximizes the process of growing up girls. Is that why you should buy your daughter a baby doll? Yes. Whether it should be a Cry babies baby doll is up to you.

Cry babies teach care, selfless love, develops a sense of responsibility. You can also think of so many different activities with them!

Packaging Cry babies

Standard packaging of Cry babies – in the form of a car seat. In the car seat, the doll is fastened with seat belts – a seemingly trivial thing from the manufacturer, and shows his attention to detail. Such toy packaging shows your child the importance of safety rules!

cry babies minnie mouse

Be careful – all Cry Babies dolls run on 2 AAA batteries. TRY ME batteries are included in the factory – for a quick demonstration of the doll’s basic functions, but they will quickly draw out the power. So prepare the new batteries in advance – so that your baby can immediately start a full game with a new toy! Do not let forgetfulness and inattention to details spoil the special moment of unpacking gifts and immersion in a new magical world.

Most popular Cry Babies dolls

The brand produces Cry Babies dolls in the widest range – so that each baby has its own, special baby and accessories for them.

Collection and Names of Cry babies dolls

The peculiarity of Cry babies dolls is that they combine infants and animals – each doll is dressed as a wild animal or pet. The legs, pens and head of the Cry babies are fully movable.

Crying mouse Lala

cry babies lala mouse

Crybaby Flamingo Fancy

cry babies fancy flamingo

Ladybug Lady

cry babies ladybug

Sweet Blue Peacock – Wandy.

cry babies goodnight wandy

Rabbit crybaby with nightclub function – Coney

cry babies goodnight coney

Dalmatian puppy – Dotty

cry babies dotty doll

Charming Coney in a bunny costume.

cry babies coney doll

Crybaby Leopard Lea

cry babies lea leopard

toucan Loretta

cry babies baby doll loretta

Unicorn Dreamy

cry babies baby doll dreamy unicorn

Pearly White Bear is getting sick and feeling better.

cry babies pearly

Kristal White Teddy with extended doctor kit

cry babies kristal feels better

Cry teddy bear – Bonnie

cry babies bonnie

Blue fish – Floppy

cry babies floppy

Holly is a beautiful crybaby in the form of a dragon;

cry babies hally dragon

Magic Pegasus – Jenna

cry babies pegasus jenna

In addition, you can buy accessories for your nappy – a stroller, highchair, slime for carrying or pajamas in the style of another animal.

There are a lot of pajamas for Cry Babies dolls in the image of different animals.

Cry Babies Owl Pajamas

Little crybabies Magic Tears Dolls

Cry Babies Magic Tears is a new Cry Babies doll with unique accessories. The collection includes several game sets.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Fancy’s Vehicle Playset

cry babies magic taers vehicle playset

Complete with an exclusive puppet named Fancy, pacifier and bottle, the set includes a wonderful vehicle. It can be either a stroller or a car with a steering wheel. Transformation takes place in seconds, you just have to click on a couple of details. If the doll cries on the coupe of the car, he’ll blow off some nice steam.

cry babies magic taers fancy vehicle playset

Give the Cry Babies a drink of water and click on your tummy to make her cry with real tears.

The size of Cry Babies Magic Tears doll is not specified by the manufacturer, but on the photo you can see the ratio to the girl.

cry babies vehicle playset

Cry Babies Magic Tears Katie’s House

Cry Babies Magic Tears Katie House playset

“Kati and the magic house” is a doll who has her own house with accessories. Katya has her own bathroom, refrigerator, table for eating and pretending (with a mirror above it), dishes (except for the obligatory bottle – a bowl and a fork). She has a two-storey mansion, by the way – just a dream! With this set, you can come up with so many stories for games!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Katie House

Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House

cry-babies magic tears bottle house

This is a Cry Babies game set, in which the bottle is a house for navel. You can pick up a house of different colors.

cry babies magic tears bottle house check list

The package is made in the form of a bottle – in one half is a doll Cry Babies Magic Tears, in the second half – surprises and accessories for the doll.

cry babies bottle house

There are 12 dolls in Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House collection.

Each of them has their own name and hobby.

cry babies magic tears bottle house check list

All dolls have the same function – if you drink them with water from a bottle and press the tummy, they will cry.

More photos and names of Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House dolls can be found here.

Характер плакс отличается – в зависимости от комбинезона, в который они одеты. Beaty’s hard-working like a bee, Coney’s like a rabbit, Phoebe’s like a frog, Debbie’s like a sheep, Ellie’s like an elephant, Dotty’s like a cow, Lea’s like a giraffe, and Bizzy, Finney, Nala. And Susie’s secret doll – who she is and what her image is – is unknown, it will only be seen by the owner of the set with this doll – after he opens the gift.

cry babies bottle house dolls

The set of accessories is also different. Eight surprises await you inside a bottle of Cry Babies. Blanket, pacifier, bottle, stickers to decorate the house. And there are also gold capsules with accessories, – they have a surprise.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House – 3 Pack deserves special attention.

It consists of three little babies, and each of them has its own house – a bottle. More toys – more impressions! Purchase a set with 3 dolls will be cheaper than 3 separate sets of Bottle House.

cry babies bottle house 3 pack

Another version of Cry Babies’ house is Winged House.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged House

This Cry Babies house also has 12 dolls in the collection and 8 surprises – accessories.

The appearance of the house has changed a little – now it has wings, with Cry babies dolls with shiny outfits, hair and accessories.

cry babies magic tears winged house check list

If you want more dolls in Cry Babies Magic Tears collection, look at the set of Fantasy series.

Cry Babies Magic Tears fantasy dragon

Even more dolls for collecting +7.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Fantasy dolls are glittering, new characters.

Cry Babies Magic Tears fantasy

Where to buy Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House and prices?

Dolls from the new Cry Babies Magic Tears series cost between $9.99 and $50, depending on the set and number of accessories in it. The most expensive is Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle House, and the most expensive is Cry Babies Magic Tears Katie’s House Playset.

Where can I buy it? Cry Babies dolls are very popular, so they are sold everywhere. In London’s legendary toy hypermarket Hamleys – is the most popular product. You can also buy them at Amazon, Walmart or any store in your city.

Learn more about other options for girls dolls by reading our article –the best baby dolls.

Write us if you have any questions about Cry Babies dolls.

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