Hairdorables doll's names

Dee Dee

deedee doll

deedee doll

Dee Dee is here … but my friends call me Mila! I am positive person, who love to cook sweet items in the kitchen! I always experiment with new tastes and textures.

My specialty is cakes – I like to make individual cakes all shapes, sizes and designs that capture my friends and my family! I also create sweets (I came up with a candy that helps singers move from squeak to LALALALALA) – This is called Lala-pop and his fan Harmony! My next step will be the macaroons (it is difficult!)

  • Favorite color: Pericarp Pink
  • Favorite activities: Invent new creations of sweets, bake sweet treats for my friends, experimenting with cakes.
  • Motto: “Life is sweet”



deedee doll deedee hairdorables doll deedee

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