Dolls surprises boxy girls

kiki doll boxy girl

boxy girls

Dolls-surprises do not lose their popularity, therefore there are more and more offers on the toy market.

Meet Boxy girls – new dolls with surprises in boxes.

Already on sale there are two series, a series of pets, a studio for a doll, mini dolls Boxy and fashion packs – separate from dolls, a box with accessories, outfits and footwear.

Total released 8 dolls. Four dolls in the first and 4 in the second series. And two dolls in big boxes of surprises.

The 1st series looks like this:

boxy girls 1


Nomi Boxy Girls

boxy girls 4
boxy girls 3

Brooklyn Boxy Girls


boxy girls 5

will boxy girls

boxy girls 6

Riley Boxy Girls

Complete with a dolly 4 boxes with surprises. They are shoes, outfit, handbag, accessory-decoration.

Second series:

boxy girls season 2

hannah boxy girls

boxy girls hannah

hazer boxy girls

hazel boxy girls

kiki boxy girls

kiki doll boxy girl

mila boxy girls



boxy girls dolls mila boxy girls 1

In dolls, the legs of the handle are bent, Very high quality plastic.

boxy girls mini

The younger sisters of Boxy Girls are mini dolls with surprises.

boxy girls mini dolls

And this is what pets of Boxy Pets look like.

boxy pets boxy pets 1

A large box of surprises with exclusive Boxy girl dolls!

boxy girl big box boxy girl big box 1


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