Barbie Plasyets and transport

Camping for Barbie DreamCamper

Do you like traveling? The huge Barbie DreamCamper game set – made in Barbie’s signature style – is a great travel van. This is a doll house on wheels.

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Camper for a fun trip to Barbie and her friends.

barbie dream camper 1

At the touch of a button, the van unfolds and turns into a house with a dining room, kitchen, swimming pool, place for a fire and a bedroom.

barbie dream camper 5
barbie dream camper 6
barbie dream camper

Barbie Dream Camper is

  • fun pool
  • water slide
  • two hammocks
  • canopy bed
  • fire pit
  • kitchen
  • bethroom
  • closet.

barbie dream camper 3
barbie dream camper 9
barbie dream camper 4

Barbie DreamCamper – Great gift for your baby.

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